Would you lie about your child's age?


Every summer our church runs a week long holiday club for children who have been in primary school in the previous school year. I have always refused to get involved as I do my bit through the year and refuse to run a free babysitting service. Last year they needed a volunteer to put together a database of the kids and I volunteered because I was sick of under age kids being let in because those dealing with the forms haven't a clue (DH always ends up helping out and wouldn't take DD2 just before she started school despite others in similar circumstances being allowed so it is a sore point).
I have just seen some of the forms for this year and one of the kids who was there last year as a primary 1 is mysteriously a primary 1 again with a date of birth 16 months younger than the one that was used last year (it appeared we had twins from the family last year but in fact they children aren't twins). Last year I heard one of the leaders question the mum of one of DD1's friends about one of her children and she admitted to lying about the child's age and sending her too young to avoid a tantrum because the child was going to be left out.
Would you lie about your child's age just to get a few hours peace? Looking at it from a risk assessment point of view, my worry is that in an emergency if the child needed medical treatment and the parent couldn't be contacted the name and date of birth we were given wouldn't match up with any medical records.