All Science games

Changes in materials game

Use reversible and irreversible changes to save the Crystal of St Helena from SKUL!

Variation game

Play the variation game and sort these Deadly 60 animals into the different groups, based on their characteristics.

Food chains and webs game

Help Deadly 60's Steve find the food chain's deadliest predator.

Light and dark game

Sarah Jane's Rani is trapped in the Spellman's Circus Hall of Mirrors! Use your knowledge of light to guide her to safety.

Friction game

It's a race! Use your knowledge of friction to get MI High's Carrie to the Invigatron before Beryl 'The Beefcake' Bagshot steals it!

Electrical circuits game

Use your knowledge of electrical circuits to help MI High's Oscar recover his lost camera, but be careful of the Gnome Cams!

Circulation game

Check Steve's heart is fit and healthy before he goes filming - he needs to be able to keep up with the deadly tarantula hawk wasp.