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Handwriting patterns playbook

Handwrirting patterns playbook
Publication type: eBook

Before children are able to start writing letters and words their hands and muscles need to practise producing patterns of all kinds. By the time they start school most children will be able to copy patterns very accurately, from horizontal and vertical lines to circles and diagonal lines. This Handwriting patterns playbook offers your child the opportunity to practise common writing patterns in preparation for handwriting letters at age 4 or 5.

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Patterning is fun and creative – give your child crayons, pencils and pens and let them enjoy making marks on paper! This patterns playbook is a great way to get your child used to making the shapes they'll need when the start to form letters. Can they make some waves, draw some curly baby hair and decorate a birthday cake with Smarties, all while doing some vital handwriting practice?

The Handwriting patterns playbook covers all the common writing patterns – push pattern movements, pull pattern movements, vertical pattern movements, diagonal pattern movements and ‘c’ pattern movements – and makes putting pencil to paper a pleasure. Compiled with the guidance of the National Handwriting Association, these 23 activity sheets offer a perfect introduction to handwriting for Reception and Y1 children, and can also be used to help older children practise their handwriting skills.

It is also great for the older child who has trouble writing particular letters.