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Maths subtraction


Learning about subtraction starts in the very first year of primary school and is developed right the way through to Year 6.

If your child is struggling with the concept, or has subtraction homework, you'll find lots of subtraction worksheets in this section to help you explain subtraction and reinforce learning at home of each of the subtraction skills, from counting back in hops and subtraction on a number line, to two-digit subtraction and three-digit subtraction, horizontal subtraction and decimal subtraction.


Jump strategy
What is subtraction on a number line?
Also known as the jump strategy or complementary addition, subtraction on a number line is a common technique in KS1 and KS2 maths, useful for helping children visualise that subtraction is finding the difference between two numbers. Teacher Alice Hart explains the method and how it's taught in primary school maths.
Teachers' tricks for subtraction
Help your child become subtraction savvy with our teachers' tips on methods, practical resources, vocabulary and more. From subtraction songs and subtraction story problems to column subtraction, Phoebe Doyle offers some practical homework help for 'taking away'.
What is 'the difference between'?
What is 'the difference between'?
We explain what teachers mean when they talk about finding 'the difference between' and give examples of how children are taught to work out the answers to subtraction problems.


Subtracting a one-digit number from a two-digit number under 20 tutorial
Subtracting a one-digit number from a two-digit number under 20 tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number under 20 in this tutorial, then answer some online questions to check you've got it!
Subtracting three digit numbers using column subtraction tutorial
Subtracting three digit numbers using column subtraction tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to subtract three digit numbers using column subtraction. Then, when you feel confident, have a go at answering her on-screen questions.
Subtracting fractions with different denominators tutorial
Subtracting fractions with different denominators tutorial part 1
Can you subtract fractions with different denominators? Let our digital teacher show you how.


One more, one less crossword
One more, one less crossword
Can you fill in the crossword by writing the answers to the clues as number words?
Adding and subtracting multiples of 100 worksheet
Adding and subtracting multiples of 100
Practise adding these multiples of a hundred. To help you, remember: 1. Start with the bigger number first when adding. 2. Imagine the numbers don’t have zeros on them. 3. Use the number line for the number sentences in the right hand column.
Adding and subtracting negative numbers worksheet
Adding and subtracting negative numbers
To add and subtract negative numbers, it’s helpful to use a number line. See if you can complete these sums using the number lines.
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Teach your child subtraction

Teach your child subtraction is an eBook and home-teaching kit which will help you understand exactly what subtraction skills your child is expected to have mastered in each year of the primary school curriculum.

Primary school teacher and parent Matt Revill has compiled information, tips and activities to ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips so you can quickly make sure your child has fully grasped and achieved each and every skill for their correct year group and using the same methods that they are taught (rather than confusing them with the one you were taught at school!).

You'll be able to print off highly targeted and child-friendly fun worksheets to help them master each of the essential skills as they progress through school – in fun, five-minute sessions.

Teach your child subtraction is a downloadable, printable eBook, available for £4.99.

KS1 Maths Puzzles

Key Stage 1 Maths Puzzles

Written by a KS1 maths teacher to reinforce Y1 and Y2 maths skills, our magical KS1 maths learning pack will offer fun challenges galore, as well as plenty of targeted learning opportunities. A great pack for holidays or to complete in preparation for KS1 SATs, the puzzles and games make revision fun and can be completed by the whole family. Enjoy!

Subtraction sign
The Parents' Guide to Subtraction

Number lines, the counting on method and 'borrowing' numbers are all covered in our parents' guide to subtraction, a complete overview of what your child will be taught about 'taking away' numbers at primary school.

Maths Homework Helper

Maths Homework Helper

Maths is a core skill within the primary national curriculum. As we use maths every day, it is also a vital skill for life. But, some of us still dread our child coming home and asking for help with their maths homework, as learning methods and terminology are sometimes different from how we were taught.

If this sounds like you, you'll find the Maths Homework Helper eBook an immensely useful resource for two reasons. Firstly, it collates the main topics your child will need to know. Secondly, it acts as a refresher course for you, so you can revisit each topic and understand just what your child is learning during class time. It covers the crucial topics of numbers, using numbers, measures, shape and space, and data handling, so you and your child will be able to learn, understand and use maths skills in everyday situations.

There are also helpful rules to remember, a jargon-busting guide to key maths language, plus tips and ideas to help your child continue their learning away from their text books. With Maths Homework Helper, you will never be stumped by your child's primary maths homework again!