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Perfect Punctuation Workbook

Perfect Punctuation Workbook
Publication type: eBook

Full stops, commas, semi colons, apostrophes… Whatever aspect of punctuation your child is grappling with, we’ve come up with a bumper pack of 60 activities to help them practise, as well as a parent's refresher guide to each punctuation mark and how it's used.

Summary of contents:

In your Perfect Punctuation Workbook you'll find explanations and exercises for the following punctuation marks:

  •     The full stop
  •     The comma
  •     The question mark
  •     The exclamation mark
  •     Speech marks
  •     The colon
  •     Brackets
  •     The semi-colon
  •     The apostrophe

Read the introduction for each punctuation mark, then help your child have a go at punctuating with our exclusive exercises.

You will be able to print them out as many times as you need, so your child can keep practising until you're confident they've grasped it. Work your way through the whole workbook or choose which punctuation mark to focus on; we’ve also prepared a complete answers booklet to help you check and correct your child’s work.