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Ready Steady Go: Handwriting Skills for KS1

Ready Steady Go cover
Publication type: eBook

In the UK, the National Curriculum doesn't provide specific teaching methods for handwriting nor offer support strategies for children who do not quite meet the required goals...

...but never fear, TheSchoolRun is here!

Our Ready Steady Go handwriting eBook will support your KS1 child in a playful way, beginning at the right place and working at their own pace. 

This book will develop a strong foundation for your child that will lead to more fluent, natural and automatic handwriting. The activities included in Ready Steady Go are based on holistic suggestions from an occupational therapy approach. There are also tips and helpful strategies to support ideal energy levels for handwriting, which are known as the rest and digest states. 

Explore and develop your child's handwriting with fun, playful activities and regular pit stops throughout to check their progress. Banish those handwriting hangups and get ready to enjoy the art of putting pen to paper.

Ready steady... go! 

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