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Family science at Butlins
The best science days out for families
Looking for a great day out that's educational, too? Inspire your budding scientist with a trip to one of these brilliant, hands-on UK science...
Minecraft in school
Learning through Minecraft
You may think it’s just another video game – albeit a particularly addictive one – but Minecraft could have educational benefits too…
What is a conjunction?
What is a conjunction?
Conjunctions are joining words that link different parts of sentences. In our parents' guide we explain how children learn about conjunctions as...
What are the comparative and the superlative?
What are comparatives and superlatives?
We use the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs to compare things, people, actions and states in our writing. Find out how...
What is a phrase?
What is a phrase?
A phrase is a small group of words within a clause. We explain how children are taught about clauses as part of the primary-school grammar curriculum...
KidZania London reviewed for parents
Museums reviewed by parents: KidZania
What does your child want to be when they grow up? London's new family attraction, KidZania, lets them try out prospective careers in a child-...
What is a quadrilateral?
What is a quadrilateral?
Can you name the 2D shapes we classify as quadrilaterals? Find out how your child will learn about four-sided, 2D shapes in primary school and try...
Cambridge Museum of Technology
Museums reviewed by parents: Cambridge Museum of Technology
The Cambridge Museum of Technology is a fascinating, hands-on look at how things work for all ages, within easy distance of the historic centre of...
How to volunteer in primary school
How to help out at your child's school
Helping out at your child’s school is a great way to find out what they’re getting up to. We explain how to get your foot in the door.
Early years creative writing
Writing in the Early Years
From learning to hold a pencil to getting their thoughts down on paper, learning to write is a tricky milestone for children. We explain how it...
Boys reading printed book and ebook
Books or e-books: which are best for your child?
Reading purists may look down on e-books, but they could have some surprising benefits for your primary school child.
The four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter
What are seasons?
Savour the seasons with your primary-school child by reinforcing what they learn about autumn, winter, summer and spring in KS1 with at-home...
What is a fair test?
What is a fair test?
Understand what is meant by 'fair test' in primary-school science and organise your own child-friendly investigations at home to help your...
Fish food chain
What are food chains and food webs?
A food chain is a diagram that shows us how animals are linked by what they eat; in food webs we represent the links between animals who eat or are...
Primary-school science glossary
Primary science glossary for parents
From condensation to the water cycle, TheSchoolRun's primary-school science glossary offers a complete guide to all the concepts children are...
Child colouring
Concentration exercises for primary school children
Getting your child to concentrate can be a tricky task, so try these fun tasks to help improve their attention and focus.
What is a free reader?
What is a free reader?
Every parent looks forward to their child graduating from reading scheme books, but how and when do they make the leap? We explain what a 'free...
Parents' resolutions for 2017
Primary school parents' resolutions for the New Year
The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on what we could do differently in the 12 months ahead. Here are our resolutions for the year...
Creative writing quest landscape
Teachers' tips for creative writing
How can children get to grips with creative writing? We asked teacher and author Jacqueline Harris for her insider advice.
Stressed mum with family
21 things that always happen on school mornings
The hour before you leave the house for school is always the most stressful of the day. Here's why...
Child scientist
Best science sets for children
Looking for ways to encourage your child's interest in the world around them? These learning-through-play sets are perfect for budding...
Pupils in school library
What is an all-through school?
More and more schools are opening up that provide education for all children from age three to 19. We look at the pros and cons of this new model of...
Tablet toys
Best tablet toys for children
Every child we know loves playing with a tablet computer – and now connected toys take learning to a new level by combining hands-on play with...
Social media school policies
School social media policies explained
With cyber safety and online bullying becoming increasingly problematic, many schools are adopting social media policies. But what do these documents...
Family at the computer
Best children's books about coding
How confident do you feel about supporting your child's interest in coding at home? Whatever your child's (or your!) level of knowledge,...
Child making a Christmas card
16 truths about being a primary school parent at Christmas
'Tis the season to be jolly – but if you've got a child at primary school, the Christmas period can be a month-long feat of endurance. Good...
Gingerbread family
Surviving the festive season: parents' tips for SEN kids
Christmas crowds, lights, smells and lack of routine can make the holidays a challenging time for autistic children. Help keep the whole family happy...
Adopt a polar bear WWF © Steven Kazlowski / WWF
The best charity clubs for kids
A charity membership is a great gift idea for your primary school child that will keep entertaining them – and helping others – all year round. From...
Christmas books for children 2015
16 of the best new books for children for Christmas 2015
Looking for the perfect books for your child to find under the tree? Whatever their interests or reading ability, there's a fantastic selection...
Charity collection box
The etiquette of charity days at school
Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of fundraising events at your child’s school? We take a look at the unofficial rules.