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Truth about primary school fêtes
17 things you need to know about primary school fêtes
The primary school summer fete: the culmination of months of planning, and a brilliant fundraiser for your child's school. But before you head...
ADHD and autism in girls
Autism and ADHD in girls
Spotting the signs of autism and ADHD in girls can be difficult, and getting a diagnosis even harder. So how can you tell if your daughter has one of...
Child reading maths story book
Best maths story books for children
Introduce ratio, pie charts, probability and even simplifying fractions to children with these brilliant maths story books, picture-book...
St John Ambulance Big First Aid Lesson
Essential first aid skills for your primary school child
Learning a few basic skills could help your child make a real difference in an emergency. St John Ambulance offers some advice on the first aid...
Best early reader tools
7 of the best early reader tools
From interactive games and apps to simplified reading books and learning-to-read devices, we love the early reader tools available to parents and...
Dover Castle © English Heritage
Museums reviewed by parents: Dover Castle
Travel back in time to meet medieval monarchs, wander through winding, eerie 13th century underground defences and explore the Secret Wartime Tunnels...
Mum and child looking at a computer
Is your child addicted to video games?
How do you know if your child’s passion for gaming is getting out of control? We explain how to spot the signs and beat the obsession.
© Arundel Castle
Museums reviewed by parents: Arundel Castle
Pretend to be a knight for the day at one of Britain’s most historic castles. Arundel Castle boasts fairytale towers and rooms full of suits of...
Florence Nightingale Museum
Museums reviewed by parents: Florence Nightingale Museum
Immerse yourself in the life and times of Britain's most famous nurse and find out how her influence still resonates in medicine today. Florence...
© National Maritime Museum Greenwich
Museums reviewed by parents: National Maritime Museum
The world's largest maritime museum is packed to the gunwales with intriguing objects, fascinating galleries and hands-on exploration...
© Cutty Sark Greenwich
Museums reviewed by parents: Cutty Sark
Climb aboard the world's sole-surviving tea clipper for a voyage across the seas of time, experiencing the life of the 19th century crew. Our...
Thackray Medical Museum
Museums reviewed by parents: Thackray Medical Museum
Explore past (and future!) medical treatments and procedures, get a glimpse of life in Victorian England, get hands-on with oversized body parts and...
Children learning in the classroom
Sex and relationships education: what your child learns
Sex education teaching varies hugely from school to school. We explain what goes on in KS1 and KS2 SRE lessons and outline the proposed changes to...
Children at Warwick Castle
Museums reviewed by parents: Warwick Castle
Take a trip back through the last eleven centuries to Warwick Castle, the site of a Saxon fortification, a wooden motte and bailey constructed in...
Titanic Belfast
Museums reviewed by parents: Titanic Belfast
Titanic Belfast uses special effects, rides, reconstructions and interactive features to explore the Titanic story. We find out what the world's...
W5 Belfast
Museums reviewed by parents: W5, Belfast
Planning a family day out? Our favourite museums make learning effortless and fun (for adults as well as children). For hands-on science for all ages...
Equal preference explained
What is the equal preference system?
How do schools take your rankings into account when you apply for a place? We explain how equal preference works.
What are phonics phases?
Phonics phases explained
How does your child master phonics, from learning letter sounds to reading fluently? We explain the phases they may follow in the primary-school...
Best counting books for children
Best counting books for children
Counting and sequencing numbers correctly is a big part of early maths. We've picked some brilliant mathematical story books to help support...
Supporting your gifted child
10 ways to boost a gifted child's confidence
Being academically gifted can put a strain on your child’s emotional wellbeing, so how can you spot if they’re struggling and build their self-esteem?
Individual healthcare plans explained
Individual healthcare plans explained for parents
Individual healthcare plans are designed to keep children with medical conditions safe, well and involved at school. We explain how these important...
Sea Life Brighton Credit Julia Claxton
Museums reviewed by parents: SEA LIFE Brighton
Watch sharks and turtles swim over your head, touch a starfish, come face-to-face with a ray and count terrapins as they walk through a rainforest...
Child reading
Best kids' picture books about difficult subjects
From sharing and the democratic process to divorce and bereavement, these picture books all tackle tricky subjects with warmth, humour and...
Spelling in Year 2
Spelling in Year 2
A parents' overview of Year 2 spelling patterns, with examples of the words children are taught at the end of KS1 and Year 2 spelling worksheets...
What is a syllable?
What is a syllable?
Syllables explained for parents, including details of how primary-school children are taught to identify syllables to help them with spelling and...
Parent, teacher and child meeting
Should you take your child to parents’ evening?
Does bringing your child to a parent-teacher meeting give them valuable input or get in the way of frank conversation? We discuss the pros, cons and...
Reading scheme books explained
The science of school reading schemes
Following a reading scheme at school can transform children from non-readers to bookworms in a surprisingly short space of time, but how are they...
Parent-teacher meeting problems
How to handle a disappointing parents' evening
No one likes to hear bad news at a parent-teacher meeting, but knowing how to respond could help your child turn the issue around. By Lucy Dimbylow.
What is an independent school?
What is an independent school?
Considering sending your child to a private school? We give you the lowdown on the independent education sector.
Common phonics problems sorted
Common phonics problems sorted
Finding the thought of phonics daunting and wondering how you can support your child in learning to read when you're not really sure how they...