Year 6 Maths articles

Telling the time toys and products
Best time-teaching products
Great toys, books and resources to help your child learn to tell the time on analogue and digital timepieces, from clock face recognition to...
Teachers' tricks for division
Teachers' tricks for division
Primary school teacher Phoebe Doyle has some tips and tricks to help your child with division work at home, offering an explanation of strategies...
Decimals explained
Teachers' tricks for decimals
Understanding decimals is vital for real-life, everyday maths. Phoebe Doyle offers some teacher tips to help your Key Stage 2 child understand what...
Illustrated numbers
5 number and counting skills primary-school children need
Numbers are all around us, almost from birth! Teacher Phoebe Doyle looks at counting, a fundamental aspect of mathematical understanding, to help...
Shape, space and primary geometry
Teachers' tricks for shape, space and geometry
Throughout primary school children learn about the properties of the shapes in the world around them (primary geometry, in other words). Phoebe Doyle...
Tape measures
Teachers' tricks for weights and measures
Weights and measures can be a really fun area of maths to teach in school – but one that can leave parents unsure of how to help at home. Teacher...
Number bonds
What are number bonds?
If your child is in Key Stage 1, chances are they'll have told you they're learning 'number bonds'... but what are they? Teacher...
Venn diagram
What is a Venn diagram?
Venn diagrams are often used to sort data in primary school. Find out what parents need to know about how to complete and read a Venn diagram...
Jump strategy
What is subtraction on a number line?
Also known as the jump strategy or complementary addition, subtraction on a number line is a common technique in KS1 and KS2 maths, useful for...
Teachers' tricks for addition
Teachers' tricks for addition
Help your child with their addition work, from the basics in Reception to calculations in KS1 and KS2, with some teachers' tricks to help the...
Maths learning
Does my child have dyscalculia?
What are the signs to look out for if you think your child might have dyscalculia or 'number blindness', and what can be done to help?
Child completing maths paper
7 strategies to help defeat children’s fear of maths
What does it mean if your child has a fear of maths, and what can you do to help them get over it? TheSchoolRun offers a step-by-step plan to help...
Pictograms explained
What is a pictogram?
Pictograms are introduced in Year 2 as a simple and engaging introduction to bar charts. We explain what your child needs to know about pictograms...
Inverse operations: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
What are inverse operations?
Inverse operations are opposite operations – one reverses the effect of the other. In primary maths we talk about the inverse to explain how addition...
Summer holiday learning
Your child's new school year preparation plan
Each year group brings fresh challenges in literacy and numeracy. Want to give your child a head start? Primary teacher Phoebe Doyle offers some easy...
Reading and Numeracy tests
National Reading and Numeracy Tests explained for parents
All children in Wales from Y2 to Y9 take tests in reading and numeracy at the end of each school year. Find out what these tests involve, and how you...
Boy and piggy bank
6 steps to a money-savvy child
We all want our kids to have the very best future, and ensuring they’ve got money sense is crucial to help make it happen. Mum-of-two and financial...
Learning Journey reward chart
The Learning Journey reward chart and certificates
Support your child's Learning Journey with these fantastic motivational resources – a colourful reward chart where you can set your own...
Learning journey checklist
How the Learning Journey works
Find out how our fantastic primary school learning programme – The Learning Journey – could benefit you and your child as well as full details of how...
Mental Maths stopwatch
What is mental maths?
The ability to work sums in your head is an important skill that primary students must develop throughout the key stages. We explain what mental...
Student and teacher
Teachers’ top 10 classroom discipline tricks
Does every homework session end in tears and tantrums? Or are you losing sleep over getting your child to learn his spellings? Lucy Dimbylow asked...
Times tables
Times tables: 10 things every parent needs to know
If you're a KS2 parent, chances are you'll spend more time than you ever thought possible looking for ways to help your child learn their...
Primary school students
11 things parents need to know about the National Curriculum
It’s the basis for what your child learns every day, but what exactly is the National Curriculum and what does it teach? Education writer and primary...
Students in Year 6 SATs
What your child learns in Year 6 maths, English and science
Year 6 means the next round of SATs exams! Start revising by knowing what the learning targets are for the new year, reviewing what was taught in...
Girl doing times tables homework
Teachers’ tricks for learning times tables
Do you dread times table practice as much as your child does? Primary school teacher Alice Hart uses these effective learning strategies in her...
Aramazu image
Teaching time the 21st century way
Are you struggling to teach your child to tell the time? Elena Dalrymple reviews a new story-based learning method.
Child playing cards
Everyday ways to make maths fun
Want to instil a love and appreciation of maths in your primary school child? You can with our practical suggestions to help make numbers fun.
Boy puzzling over book
A maths homework help guide for KS1 and KS2
Maths is not always a popular subject with children. But with these handy tips and downloadable worksheets, it can become a lot more fun.
Top times tables games
Help your children enjoy learning their times tables with a few easy games. Education writer Phoebe Doyle suggests five ideas for you to try.
Girl working on maths problem with teacher
What your child learns in Key Stage 2 maths
Think maths involves just adding, subtracting and times tables? Think again. Here’s a rundown of all the things your child will be learning in Years...