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Benefits of learning to code for kids
Coding benefits for kids
​Why is your child learning to code in primary school and why is coding an important skill for their future? We asked the experts at Bright Little...
Best coding home schooling resources
Best coding home schooling resources
From Minecraft modding to block coding, Python programming and robot building, your child's computing education doesn't need to stop during...
Best home learning websites for kids during school closures
12 of the best home learning websites for kids
We've rounded up some of our favourite online resources to support your child's learning throughout the ongoing Covid-19 school disruptions.
Best live streams for primary home learning
20 of the best live streams for kids
Help your primary-age child stay educated and entertained with our round-up of the best live streams taking place during lockdown.
The parents’ guide to safe gaming
The parents’ guide to safe gaming
How can you make sure your child plays safely online? Read our parents' guide to safe gaming for primary-school children for expert tips to help...
Fake news spotting for kids
How to help your child spot fake news
How good is your child at telling what’s true and what isn’t? We take a look at how to help them develop digital literacy and identifying "fake...
Best coding apps for kids
With computer coding on the National Curriculum from KS2 up, help your child get a headstart with these programming apps.
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How to help your child become a good digital citizen
As our kids spend increasing amounts of time immersed in technology, how can we help them stay safe and behave responsibly?
Best activity books for kids
Best activity books for children
Whether you're on the move or at home, a great activity book offers hours of screen-free learning and fun. Crosswords, maths challenges, mystery...
Animation activities for children
3 easy animation activities for kids
Making your own animations needn’t be a daunting prospect – creating simple but effective animations with even the most basic artistic skills has...