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Girl painting hand
10 messy (but educational!) ideas for kids
Most kids love getting up to their elbows in stuff. Feeling, squidging, kneading, squeezing – it’s instinctive. What’s more, this sort of play is...
Key Stage 3 design and technology explained
Find out about what your child will be doing in their KS3 design and technology classes and help them get ahead at home with our helpful tips.
Scissors in classroom
The primary design and technology curriculum
Is your child a budding designer? We take a look at what design and technology lessons involve.
Little girl dressed as a chef
Cooking with kids: the educational benefits
Cooking with children has some great educational and health benefits, from practising maths skills to exploring different ingredients. We take a look...
Little girl watering plants
Creating a child-friendly garden
Whether you have an acre of land or a window box, it is possible to create a garden that will encourage your child to learn a whole host of different...
Paints on egg box
What's so educational about model building?
You may think model building is a thing of the past, but in fact there are more exciting and diverse kits available than ever. And with so many...
Boy drawing plans on blackboard
DIY for children – what it teaches them
Have you ever considered keeping your kids busy round the house with a spot of DIY? Find out what it could teach your child, plus some handy...
Class sat at computers
Is technology changing the way children learn?
If you’ve ever seen your toddler load a DVD, then you’ll already have realised just how quickly today’s children take to technology. But why is...