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What is a bar chart?
What is a bar chart?
We explain what a bar chart is and how children are taught to interpret a bar chart, produce their own bar charts on grid paper and on a computer,...
What are coordinates?
What are coordinates?
We explain what coordinates are and how children are taught to read and plot coordinates on a grid.
What are axes?
What are axes?
We explain what axes are and how your child will be taught to use axes on pictograms, bar charts and graphs.
Two-step and multi-step word problems
What are two-step and multi-step problems?
We explain what two-step and multi-step problems are and give examples of typical problems a child might be asked to solve in primary school (and how...
Venn diagram
What is a Venn diagram?
Venn diagrams are often used to sort data in primary school. Find out what parents need to know about how to complete and read a Venn diagram...
Pictograms explained
What is a pictogram?
Pictograms are introduced in Year 2 as a simple and engaging introduction to bar charts. We explain what your child needs to know about pictograms...