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Child laughing
Key Stage 2 drama – the curriculum
Do you have a young starlet in your household? We take a look at some of the different skills and activities your child will learn in Key Stage 2...
Girls in fancy dress
What your child learns in Key Stage 3 drama
Do you have a bright young star in the family? Find out what your child will be taught in drama lessons and how you can extend this learning at home.
Young children in classroom
How debating can benefit your child
From improving speaking and listening skills to building self-esteem, learning to debate could have many benefits for your primary-school child. Lucy...
Movie reel
What children gain from school film clubs
Film clubs are enjoying a resurgence of interest thanks to a new scheme which provides schools with a range of films and the technology to screen...
Character from a play
National curriculum drama: the lowdown
Most children are natural actors and drama helps to unleash their creativity and build up their confidence. Find out what your child will be learning...