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Best fractions apps for kids
Best apps for learning about fractions
Fractions can be tricky to master, but these great fractions apps will take the stress out of learning about this essential maths concept.
Child reading maths story book
Best maths story books for children
Introduce ratio, pie charts, probability and even simplifying fractions to children with these brilliant maths story books, picture-book...
Primary-school numeracy glossary
Primary numeracy glossary for parents
From area to word problems, TheSchoolRun's primary-school numeracy glossary offers a complete guide to all the maths concepts children are...
What are mixed numbers?
What are improper fractions and mixed numbers?
We explain what improper fractions and mixed numbers are and how the relationship between them can be taught to primary-school children.
Fractions wall
What are equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions?
We explain what equivalent fractions are, how the concept of equivalence is introduced in primary school maths and how knowledge of equivalent...
What are unit fractions?
What are unit fractions?
We explain what unit fractions are and why children need to understand the concept of unit fractions before moving onto more advanced fractions...
Two-step and multi-step word problems
What are two-step and multi-step problems?
We explain what two-step and multi-step problems are and give examples of typical problems a child might be asked to solve in primary school (and how...
What is the denominator?
We explain what the denominator of a fraction is and give examples of how the concept is taught in primary-school maths, as well as explaining...
What is the numerator?
We explain what the numerator of a fraction is and give examples of how the concept might be taught in Key Stage 2, as well as explaining fractions...
What is the lowest common denominator?
What is the lowest common denominator?
We explain what the lowest common denominator is and how to find it and use it to compare different fractions, as well as giving examples of how the...