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Writing to Father Christmas
Handwriting practice: writing to Santa
It’s the handwriting activity your child will be clamouring to start: writing to Father Christmas! Gather your child’s paper and pencils and settle...
Girl learning to write
Handwriting: how your child learns to write
Ever wondered how your child really learns to write? Phoebe Doyle gets expert advice on the best ways to promote good handwriting techniques with...
Boy writing at desk
9 fun writing projects to boost literacy skills
Stories aren’t just for reading – teachers regularly use a story as a starting point to engage children in many writing activities that cover a wide...
Child writing
All about dysgraphia
Could your child’s difficulty with writing be dysgraphia? Find out what the signs are, and what to do about it.
Little girl writing
Helping your child learn to write
More often than not, parents provide children with their first writing experiences. Here’s how to encourage good handwriting habits from the...
Child practising handwriting
Writing practice: how to help your struggling child
Is your child’s handwriting a cause for concern? Help them to improve it with these simple activities.
Girl practising handwriting
Five steps to success in developing your child’s handwriting
In a world where technology is rapidly taking over, teaching children handwriting skills is still as important as it ever was. Best-selling author...
Little girl writing
Handwriting practice makes perfect
Why is handwriting practice so important, and how can you help your child to learn? Find out in our guide.
Girl practising writing on blackboard
10 steps to better handwriting
From confiding in a diary to writing requests for treats, these everyday strategies will help your child improve their handwriting at home.
Smiling little girl
Childhood dyspraxia explained
Your guide to what dyspraxia is and how you can support a dyspraxic child at home.