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Best language-learning apps for kids
Best language-learning apps for kids
All children in KS2 have to learn a foreign language at school. We've rounded up the best apps to give them a headstart with language-learning.
Children learning sign language
Sign language and Makaton in primary schools
Signing can give children an educational boost, regardless of whether they have special needs. We take a look at its growth in schools.
School children singing
Welsh language teaching in Wales
The Welsh language is an important part of the curriculum in Wales, but what do children learn and how is it balanced with their learning of English?
Children learning through singing
Best learning songs
Could songs and music help your child learn and remember English, maths and science facts? We pick our favourite learning songs, covering everything...
Supporting EAL learners
Supporting your child at primary school if English isn’t your first language
Many parents find helping with school work challenging, and it can be even harder if you're not a native English speaker. So how can you help...
Learning about other languages and cultures
Learning languages through culture
Learning a language at primary school is more than just words; it’s a gateway to other cultures. Dawn Francis-Pester shares top tips for bringing...
Learning languages in primary school
Supporting your child's language-learning at home
Want to encourage your child with foreign language learning? We speak to experts who suggest ways to help your child with languages at home, even if...
Languages in primary school
Language-learning in primary schools
Since September 2014, the new National Curriculum has made learning a language compulsory in Key Stage 2. We explain how it works and what languages...
Primary-school Chinese
Primary-school Chinese: the lowdown
Learning a foreign language has been compulsory for Key Stage 2 children since 2014, and Mandarin is an option in forward-thinking schools. Lucy...
Roman emperor - classics for primary school children
Cool classics: Latin and Ancient Greek at primary school
If your child is often heard incanting Harry Potter spells, he’s probably familiar with a few Latin words already. But could Latin or Ancient Greek...