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6 key areas for Reception home learning
6 key areas for supporting your Reception child's learning
Primary teacher and parent Jennifer Smith shares six key areas and skills to work on at home with your Reception child, supporting what they're...
7 key areas for Year 1 home learning
7 key areas for supporting your Year 1 child with maths and English
Primary-school teacher, education writer and mum of three Phoebe Duffy highlights the key skills children learn in Year 1, and how you support their...
Best algebra apps for kids
Best beginners’ algebra apps for kids
Help your child get to grips with the algebra concepts taught in primary school with apps that help to demystify mathematical equations.
Best UK money maths apps for children
Best money maths apps for kids
Help your child master calculating with UK coins and notes and learn the value of money with these useful money maths apps.
Best geometry apps for kids
Best shape and geometry apps for kids
Whether your child is just learning the difference between a square and a rectangle or solving complex algebraic problems, these apps will help them...
Best decimal apps for kids
Best decimals apps for kids
Help your child learn about decimals and how to use them and calculate with them with these brilliant learning apps.
What is Numicon?
What is Numicon?
Here's how the primary school maths aid could help your child get to grips with counting, calculating and more.
Preparing for the 11+
How to structure 11+ preparation and avoid stress
Beginning your child's 11+ preparation journey and feeling a bit daunted? Teacher Robert Lomax offers tips to help you structure your practice...
Best activity books for kids
Best activity books for children
Whether you're on the move or at home, a great activity book offers hours of screen-free learning and fun. Crosswords, maths challenges, mystery...
Best division apps for kids
Best division apps for kids
From simple number facts to complicated long division, these apps are full of child-appeal and will make learning how to divide fun.