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Children in a year 1 classroom
What your child learns in Year 1 maths, English and science
Be prepared for what your child will learn in Year 1 with our quick reference guide to the key concepts and skills they’ll cover in class – find out...
reception child drawing a picture
What your child learns in Reception year
Understand what your child is learning in their first year of school, and find out how you can help them do their best.
Girl doing times tables homework
Teachers’ tricks for learning times tables
Do you dread times table practice as much as your child does? Primary school teacher Alice Hart uses these effective learning strategies in her...
Simple sum on a blackboard
Reception maths: what your child learns
It’s amazing how much your child will learn about maths in the first year of school. Here’s a rundown of the main topics so you know what to expect.
Girl with abacus
Year 2 maths: what your child learns
Your guide to what’s covered in the maths curriculum in Year 2, from partitioning to pictograms.
Aramazu image
Teaching time the 21st century way
Are you struggling to teach your child to tell the time? Elena Dalrymple reviews a new story-based learning method.
Right angle drawn in exercise book
Year 3 maths: what your child learns
Want to know what your child will be learning in maths lessons this year? Read on to discover the Year 3 maths curriculum.
Digital clock
Telling the time: how to help your child learn
Learning to tell the time is not an easy process, so to help you help your child we have broken it down into separate learning stages.
Red calculator
Year 4 maths: what your child learns
Want to know what subjects will be the focus in maths lessons in Year 4? Find a detailed breakdown here.
Geometric shapes
Help your child learn about shapes
Learning about shapes and geometry plays a major part in your child's numeracy education across the Key Stages. Here are some tips to help them...