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Year 7 maths: what your child learns
As your budding mathematician moves up to secondary school and starts KS3 maths, what new skills will they learn?
Child playing cards
Everyday ways to make maths fun
Want to instil a love and appreciation of maths in your primary school child? You can with our practical suggestions to help make numbers fun.
Number square
What is a number square?
Do you know what a number square is and what to do with one? Here’s our parents' guide to everything you need to know about this primary-school...
Little girl doing sums
Teachers' tricks for KS1 maths
Some young children just can’t get their head around adding numbers together. Education writer Phoebe Doyle explains some helpful strategies that are...
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How to help with maths homework: a non-expert's guide
Maths is one subject that fills many parents with dread - but is it really so hard? We talk to author and deputy head teacher Matt Revill to find out...
Boy playing with clock
Teach your child to read a clock
Reading an analogue clock is a tricky skill to master. Help your child get to grips with it with our teaching-time guide.
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Learning numeracy at home
All around us are a wealth of mathematical problems just waiting to be solved. Here’s how to help your child extend their numeracy skills at home.
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A maths homework help guide for KS1 and KS2
Maths is not always a popular subject with children. But with these handy tips and downloadable worksheets, it can become a lot more fun.
Top times tables games
Help your children enjoy learning their times tables with a few easy games. Education writer Phoebe Doyle suggests five ideas for you to try.
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What your child learns in Key Stage 1 maths
Unsure about what your child will be learning in maths in years 1 and 2? Find out here.