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Girl working on maths problem with teacher
What your child learns in Key Stage 2 maths
Think maths involves just adding, subtracting and times tables? Think again. Here’s a rundown of all the things your child will be learning in Years...
Pythagoras's theorem on a blackboard
What your child learns in Key Stage 3 maths
Is your child overtaking you in their maths knowledge? Here are the main topics they’ll cover over the next three years.
Plastic numbers
Year 1 maths: what your child learns
Your guide to what your child will learn in maths now they’ve reached Key Stage 1.
Simple sum on a blackboard
Reception maths: what your child learns
It’s amazing how much your child will learn about maths in the first year of school. Here’s a rundown of the main topics so you know what to expect.
Girl with abacus
Year 2 maths: what your child learns
Your guide to what’s covered in the maths curriculum in Year 2, from partitioning to pictograms.
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Year 3 maths: what your child learns
Want to know what your child will be learning in maths lessons this year? Read on to discover the Year 3 maths curriculum.
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Teaching time the 21st century way
Are you struggling to teach your child to tell the time? Elena Dalrymple reviews a new story-based learning method.
Child solving addition problems - partitioning
What is partitioning?
Not sure what your child means when they talk about partitioning numbers in maths problems? We explain the method, and how your child will use it.
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How to use a SATs past paper: KS2 maths
Help your child get to grips with their KS2 maths SATs test format by completing past papers at home. Our parent's guide offers guidance on how...
Snake number line
What is a number line?
Spotted something about a number line in your child’s homework instructions, and not sure what it means? We review the basics of this amazing,...