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Easy ways to engage your child with maths
Do the words “I need help with my maths homework” strike fear into your heart? Our tried-and-tested tips from maths experts will help change your...
Tracy Lee Newman and her sons
'My 3-year-old knew all his times tables'
How does it feel to have an incredibly intelligent child? Tracy Lee Newman and her husband Neill, from Essex, first suspected their son Oliver might...
Financial section of newspaper
Maths for parents
You want to help your children with their maths learning, but what if it’s just as much of a struggle for you? Read on for top tips to help.
Child on a farm
Learning English and maths outdoors
The great outdoors is a place where learning can take diverse shapes and forms. We take a look at how you can use it to strengthen your child’s...
Piggy bank
9 ways to teach your children the value of money
Every child can benefit from learning some valuable lessons about finance. We suggest simple strategies to help your primary-school child understand...
Maths addition number sentences on the blackboard
Three tips to help your child with maths
Giving your child too much help with their maths work can be detrimental to their learning, but it’s still good to show your support. Read on for top...
Rulers and protractors
SATs advice: measuring and estimating
The ability to measure and estimate are important skills in both numeracy and science learning across the Key Stages. Measuring weight, height,...
Magnetic numbers
SATs advice: maths problem-solving
Many of the questions in maths SATs papers for KS1 and KS2 involve problem-solving. Help develop your child's mathematical problem-solving...