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Sex and relationships education: parents' questions answered
Relationships and sex education: your FAQs answered
How is Relationships and Sex Education changing and why is it so controversial? We did a little digging and spoke to experts to help us debunk some...
Best geography games for children
Best geography games for children
There's no need to pack – travel the length and breadth of our world with these brilliant geography board games and card games, great for...
Best activity books for kids
Best activity books for children
Whether you're on the move or at home, a great activity book offers hours of screen-free learning and fun. Crosswords, maths challenges, mystery...
Best tennis books for children
Best children's books about tennis
Is your child a tennis ace? We've rounded up the best books for Wimbledon fortnight and beyond, so they can read their way into the world of...
Best children's books about the Celts
Best children's books about the Celts
The Celts, best known for living in tribes, being rebellious and their warrior queen Boudicca, were one of the most powerful and advanced groups in...
Best children's books about the Normans
Best children's books about the Normans
The Normans ruled England after the Anglo Saxons and are famous for battles and conquests, kings and knights and for building some of our most well-...
Best children's books about the Suffragettes
Best children's books about the Suffragettes
On 6 February 1918 the Representation of the People Act gave the vote to (some) women in Britain for the first time. Help your child understand the...
Children using a tablet computer
Online safety rules every parent should follow
Do you worry that you're not doing enough to keep your child safe online? Are you overwhelmed by all the apps, games and websites they want to...
Children learning sign language
Sign language and Makaton in primary schools
Signing can give children an educational boost, regardless of whether they have special needs. We take a look at its growth in schools.
Child listening to music
6 ways to introduce your child to classical music
Open up a world of amazing music for your child by introducing them to classical music composers and performances. With loads of resources available...