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What are talk partners?
What are talk partners?
Find out what a talk partner is and why having a talk partner will benefit your child's learning in the classroom.
What is 'scaffolding' learning?
What is 'scaffolding' learning?
Find out what 'scaffolding' learning means and how teachers use this technique in the classroom to help children master different skills.
What are interactive whiteboards?
What are interactive whiteboards?
Find out what interactive whiteboards are and how they enhance learning in the classroom.
What are mini-whiteboards?
What are mini-whiteboards?
Find out what mini-whiteboards are and how they enhance learning in the classroom.
Cinderella spider diagram
What is a spider diagram?
Spider diagrams are common planning tools in the primary-school classroom, used in science as well as literacy. We explain what you need to know to...
Robin at a bird feeder (image from the RSPB)
How to make your garden bird-friendly
Birdwatching is a brilliant learning activity to do at home that can also encourage your child to take an interest in the outdoors. We speak to the...
Primary school students
11 things parents need to know about the National Curriculum
It’s the basis for what your child learns every day, but what exactly is the National Curriculum and what does it teach? Education writer and primary...
Students in Year 6 SATs
What your child learns in Year 6 maths, English and science
Year 6 means the next round of SATs exams! Start revising by knowing what the learning targets are for the new year, reviewing what was taught in...
Year 5 students and teacher
What your child learns in Year 5 maths, English and science
Understanding the new things your child will be learning in Year 5 can prepare both of you for the months ahead, and make homework sessions much...
Student in Year 4
What your child learns in Year 4 maths, English and science
Help your child prepare for the concepts and topics covered in Year 4 by knowing ahead of time what they’ll be learning in class.