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Best word puzzle apps for kids
Best word puzzle apps for kids
Help your child brush up on their spelling, phonics and vocabulary skills with these brilliant games-based apps.
Spelling letters
9 strategies for learning primary school spellings
If learning spellings always ends in tears and tantrums, trying another technique could help make it a less stressful process. We've rounded up...
Word board games for children
Best word games for children
Expand vocabulary, develop spelling skills, learn about homophones, anagrams and synonyms and compose huge numbers of silly sentences... all while...
Game-based learning
Why games-based learning is great for your child
If you despair of the amount of time your child spends attached to their tablet, think again: games and apps are an important part of their learning...
Primary-school literacy glossary
Primary literacy glossary for parents
From adjectives to writing frames, TheSchoolRun's primary-school literacy glossary offers a complete guide to all the concepts children are...
What are synonyms and antonyms?
What are synonyms and antonyms?
We explain what synonyms and antonyms are and how children are taught to use synonyms to improve their writing in primary school.
What is a homophone?
Homophones are tricky words which sound the same but have different meanings and are sometimes spelled differently (there, their and they're,...
Word puzzles
10 ways word puzzles can help your child
Crosswords, word searches and hangman aren’t just handy ways to keep your child quiet for five minutes; they could also boost their learning in some...