Maths Challenge

Last year we had some problems with reading, but now my DS  (Year 1)  is more or less OK. He reads a lot at home (Horrid Henry and so on) and i don't worry about his reading level at school any more. My main problem is that his maths skills are extremly bad.

Petition for mandatory specialist dyslexia training during Initial Teacher Training

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Becky, I work at the national dyslexia charity Dyslexia Action. 

Dyslexia Action is a national charity that takes action to improve lives through education. We are the UK’s leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties and specialise in assessments, teaching and training. We also develop and distribute teaching materials and undertake research. We have 25 centres and 97 teaching locations around the UK.

What are we working on at the moment? 

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