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Teach your child phonics

Teach your child phonics
Publication type: eBook

Help support your child's phonics learning at home with a practical, targeted eBook. You'll find out how children are taught to read using phonics, with a description of the six phonics phases and how they are introduced to children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, then read definitions of key phonics vocabulary. General tips to help your child are accompanied by a collection of colourful, engaging phase-by-phase phonics activities.

Teach your child phonics is a reference guide and home-teaching kit which will help you understand exactly what phonics skills your child is expected to have mastered by the end of KS1.

Primary school teacher and parent Catherine Race has prepared a mixture of information, tips and activities to ensure that you have the right facts at your fingertips to check your child has fully grasped the phonemes in each phonics phase, using the same methods that they are taught (rather than confusing them with information about how you learned to read!). You'll be able to print off highly targeted worksheets to help them practise and boost their confidence as they progress through their phonics learning journey.

In Teach your child phonics, you’ll discover:

  • The vocabulary/terminology your child is being taught at school, so you can refer to the same concepts at home.
  • An explanation of the methods they use in the classroom so you don’t end up doing more harm than good by trying to teach them in a different way.
  • Why it is so important to support your child's reading at home and how phonics can help them learn to read in a stress-free, enjoyable way.
Summary of contents:


  • How phonics is taught: the six phonics phases
  • Phonics in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
  • Key phonics vocabulary
  • General tips to help your child

Phase-by-phase phonics activities

  • Phonics phase 1 
  • Phonics phase 2 
  • Phonics phase 3 
  • Phonics phase 4 
  • Phonics phase 5
  • Phonics phase 6