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Mum and child looking at a computer
Is your child addicted to video games?
How do you know if your child’s passion for gaming is getting out of control? We explain how to spot the signs and beat the obsession.
The SEN code of practice 2014 explained for parents
The SEN code of practice 2014: what it means for your child
The special educational needs system underwent its biggest reform in 30 years from 2014. We explain the main changes and how they could affect your...
Managing divorce and separation at school
Managing separation and divorce at school
Separation isn’t just a family affair – the consequences need to be managed at school, too. Moira Holden explains the legalities involved and experts...
Primary school health
6 primary-school health concerns parents need to look out for
The days of colic and cradle cap may be long gone, but your primary school child is now susceptible to a different range of health issues. From tummy...
Boy relaxing at the beach
5 ways to teach relaxation skills to your child
Knowing how to keep calm in emotionally difficult situations is an important life skill that’s never too early to learn. Even if you don’t feel you’...
Mum telling daughter off
How to avoid losing it with your children
As parents we do not have an inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm, so if the patience is running thin, fear not, help is at hand!