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Best literacy home schooling resources
Best literacy home schooling resources
Whether your child is just learning to read and print letters or looking for ways to put their creative writing skills to the test, we've...
Schools reopening in the UK: your questions answered
Schools reopening: your questions answered
What might we expect when primary schools in the UK begin to reopen to more children from June 2020? We take a look at the latest news.
Structured or flexible approaches to home learning
Structured or flexible? Two families’ approaches to home learning
Do you like to follow a fixed homeschooling timetable, or play it by ear? We asked two mums to share their routines.
Your lockdown homeschooling worries sorted
Your lockdown homeschooling worries sorted
'Why won’t my child listen to me?' 'Am I doing a good enough job?' We asked teachers to tackle your homeschooling worries and put...
Learning during school closures and self-isolation
Helping your child learn during coronavirus school closures
The latest updates on how coronavirus could affect your child’s learning, plus advice on establishing work and study routines at home.
Assemblies and collective worship in UK primary schools
Assemblies and collective worship in primary schools
Every school in England has to hold a daily act of collective worship, which usually takes place during assemblies. We explore what's involved...
School fundraising in the UK
School fundraising tips for parents
Practical advice for parents about grants, fundraising events and projects that can help raise money for primary and secondary schools in the UK.
Working at greater depth in primary school
Working at greater depth: what it means for your child
How do schools extend children who've mastered the basic curriculum concepts? We take a look at what happens if they're 'working at...
Teachers' tips for parents' evenings
Teachers’ tips for parents’ evening
How do teachers approach their own children’s parent consultations? What do they wish we would and wouldn’t do? We asked them to share their insider...
School attendance explained for parents
The parents' guide to school attendance
How many days per year is your child expected to be in school? What happens if they’re ill or you want to go on holiday? We explain the facts around...
Father and son reading together
Coping with speech and language difficulties in mainstream school
Louisa Reeves, Speech and Language Advisor with the children’s communication charity I CAN, shares her advice on helping a child with communication...
School exclusions explained for UK parents
6 reasons children are excluded from school – and what you can do about it
Every year, thousands of pupils are excluded temporarily or permanently from primary schools. We look at the facts behind the figures.
School classroom
Lockdown procedures in primary schools
With today’s world seeming increasingly unsafe, how are schools protecting our children?
Starting Reception
21 things your child’s Reception teacher wants you to know
Your child isn’t the only one who has a lot to learn in their first year of school. Here’s what their teacher wishes you’d do – and not do.
Reception starters' meeting questions
19 questions to ask at the Reception starters’ meeting
The Reception starters' meeting is your chance to ask your burning questions about what happens when your child starts school. Our ideas will...
Secondary school students
The parents' guide to secondary school: discipline
All secondary schools must have clear policies for dealing with bad behaviour, and rewarding the good. We take a look at the various types of...
Primary-school children in the playground
Settling your child into a new school
It’s natural for both you and your child to be nervous if they’re moving schools, so how can you make things go as smoothly as possible?
Children in primary school
How to change your child's school
Not all children stay at the same primary school from Reception until Year 6. We look at the ins and outs of transferring your child to a new school.
EYFS profile and Reception assessment explained
What is the Early Years Foundation Stage profile?
It’s a key part of your Reception child’s end-of-year report, but what does the EYFS profile actually involve?
What is an education welfare officer?
What is an Education Welfare Officer?
If there are concerns about your child’s school attendance, you might be referred to an Education Welfare Officer. We explain their role.
How to volunteer in primary school
How to help out at your child's school
Helping out at your child’s school is a great way to find out what they’re getting up to. We explain how to get your foot in the door.
Social media school policies
School social media policies explained
With cyber safety and online bullying becoming increasingly problematic, many schools are adopting social media policies. But what do these documents...
Charity collection box
The etiquette of charity days at school
Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of fundraising events at your child’s school? We take a look at the unofficial rules.
Ofsted reports explained for parents
Ofsted inspections explained for parents
Reading Ofsted reports is likely to be one of the first things you do when you’re choosing a school for your child, but what do the inspections...
What is PPA time?
What is PPA time?
All teachers are entitled to time out of the classroom to prepare and mark lessons. We explain how it works and how it affects your child.
What is a class rep?
What is a class rep?
Volunteering as class rep is a great way to help your child's school and get to know other parents. We explain what the role involves.
Supporting your gifted child
10 ways to boost an able child's confidence
Being academically gifted can put a strain on your child’s emotional wellbeing, so how can you spot if they’re struggling and build their self-esteem?
Individual healthcare plans explained
Individual healthcare plans explained for parents
Individual healthcare plans are designed to keep children with medical conditions safe, well and involved at school. We explain how these important...
Making a school complaint
Making a complaint about your child’s school
Who should you approach if you’re unhappy with something that has happened at school, and what if they don’t take you seriously? We explain how to...
Parent, teacher and child meeting
Should you take your child to parents’ evening?
Does bringing your child to a parent-teacher meeting give them valuable input or get in the way of frank conversation? We discuss the pros, cons and...
Parent-teacher meeting problems
How to handle a disappointing parents' evening
No one likes to hear bad news at a parent-teacher meeting, but knowing how to respond could help your child turn the issue around. By Lucy Dimbylow.
Bilingual child learning at school
How being bilingual affects your child’s education
One in five primary school children speaks a language other than English at home. We find out how this affects their learning, and what schools (and...
Supporting EAL learners
Supporting your child at primary school if English isn’t your first language
Many parents find helping with school work challenging, and it can be even harder if you're not a native English speaker. So how can you help...
5 reasons to become a school governor
5 great reasons to become a school governor
Want to directly influence your child's school experience? Jackie Cutchey explains why becoming a parent governor benefits you, your child and...
Managing divorce and separation at school
Managing separation and divorce at school
Separation isn’t just a family affair – the consequences need to be managed at school, too. Moira Holden explains the legalities involved and experts...
Managing asthma in primary school
Managing asthma in primary school
Managing asthma at school can be a challenge, but new legislation will ensure that children with long-term health needs receive extra support. Jo...
Anaphylaxis in schools
Dealing with anaphylaxis in schools
If your child suffers from a severe food allergy, sending them to school every day can be a daily battle of trust. Jo Willacy takes a look at policy...
Diabetes glucose testing
Managing diabetes at school
If your child has diabetes, which is a condition when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, you want to know that they’ll be as healthy and safe...
School exclusions
School exclusions: everything primary-school parents need to know
Parents faced with their child being excluded from school are often very upset and confused. Moira Holden looks at the regulations that surround the...
Working with a SENCO
How to work with your child’s SENCO
Having a healthy working relationship with your child’s SENCO can help ensure he gets the support he needs. Here’s how to ensure you make a good team...