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Working at greater depth in primary school
Working at greater depth: what it means for your child
How do schools extend children who've mastered the basic curriculum concepts? We take a look at what happens if they're 'working at...
Handwriting in the National Curriculum
Handwriting in the National Curriculum
Handwriting may seem an outdated skill, but it’s still important in the primary school classroom. We take a look at what’s expected of our children.
Historical dressing up
Kids' historical costumes to buy
Planning ahead for Victorian day at school? Looking for an easy evacuee costume or a Roman centurion outfit? From Stone Age to suffragettes and...
Child and parent research on the computer
How to help your child develop research skills
Knowing how to use books and the internet for research is a vital skill for KS2 pupils. We explain how to help your primary-school child.
School children singing
Welsh language teaching in Wales
The Welsh language is an important part of the curriculum in Wales, but what do children learn and how is it balanced with their learning of English?
Child working in classroom
Setting and streaming explained
Teaching children by ability happens in many primary schools in the UK, but how do setting and streaming work in practice?
Primary-school children using computers
The parent's guide to InCAS tests
Many primary-school pupils in Northern Ireland and Scotland are assessed every year using InCAS tests. We explain what’s involved.
What is a maintained school?
What is a maintained school?
The vast majority of primary schools in England are maintained schools, but what does it actually mean if your child goes to one of these schools?
Primary grading system from 2014
Primary-school grading system explained for parents
In September 2014 national curriculum levels in English schools were replaced by a new grading system. We explain what parents need to know about the...
Reception assessment tests explained for parents
Reception baseline assessment tests explained for parents
Starting school used to be about settling in, making new friends and learning to be independent. Then ‘Reception tests’, due to take place within...
What is success criteria?
What is a success criteria / WILF?
Find out what success criteria (also known as the 'WILF') are and how your child's teacher will use success criteria to boost learning...
What is a Learning Objective / WALT?
What is a Learning Objective / WALT?
Heard your child talk about their LO, or their WALT? Teachers use learning objectives to help children understand what is expected of them in the...
What is a DUMTUM?
What is a DUMTUM?
Find out what a DUMTUM is and how this technique will help your child to set out their work correctly.
What are talk partners?
What are talk partners?
Find out what a talk partner is and why having a talk partner will benefit your child's learning in the classroom.
What is 'scaffolding' learning?
What is 'scaffolding' learning?
Find out what 'scaffolding' learning means and how teachers use this technique in the classroom to help children master different skills.
What are interactive whiteboards?
What are interactive whiteboards?
Find out what interactive whiteboards are and how they enhance learning in the classroom.
What are mini-whiteboards?
What are mini-whiteboards?
Find out what mini-whiteboards are and how they enhance learning in the classroom.
Children at a free school
What is a free school?
How do free schools differ from standard primary schools? How do they operate and what do they teach? If you’re thinking of sending your child to a...
Foundation stage curriculum levels explained
Foundation stage assessment levels explained
Struggling to make sense of your Nursery or Reception child’s school report? Lucy Dimbylow explains how to decode those baffling assessment levels.
National curriculum in 2014
The 2014 national curriculum: what primary school parents need to know
In September 2014 the primary school curriculum was given a radical shake-up. So why the big change, and how will it affect your child? TheSchoolRun...
Inverse operations: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
What are inverse operations?
Inverse operations are opposite operations – one reverses the effect of the other. In primary maths we talk about the inverse to explain how addition...
Child completing exam
What are national curriculum levels?
In the past, primary school children taking SATs were given their results as a National Curriculum level. But what did these numbers actually mean?...
Reading and Numeracy tests
National Reading and Numeracy Tests explained for parents
All children in Wales from Y2 to Y9 take tests in reading and numeracy at the end of each school year. Find out what these tests involve, and how you...
Maths in primary school
What your child learns in maths at primary school
Unsure about what your child will be learning in maths at primary school? Here’s your guide to what your child will learn from EYFS (Nursery &...
English in primary school
What your child learns in English at primary school
Here’s your guide to what your child will learn in English – reading, writing, and speaking and listening – from EYFS (Nursery & Reception),...
Boy reading a book
School reading schemes explained
Ask any parent of a Reception child about Biff, Chip and Kipper, and they’ll know exactly who you’re talking about. But just how do primary school...
Girl in primary school wearing swimming goggles
Help! My child doesn’t want to go on school swimming lessons
Students in primary school are required to learn to swim, which is a difficult part of the curriculum for water-shy children to float through. Be...
Father and son reading together
Reading comprehension explained for parents
Once your child can read they’ll be working on understanding what they read and really engaging with words in their literacy lessons. Reading...
England flag
An overview of the English education system
A parents' guide to the key stages and assessments within the structure of the education system in England.
Scotland flag
An overview of the Scottish education system
How does the school education system work in Scotland? What are the differences between the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence? We...
Wales flag
An overview of the Welsh education system
A quick guide for parents about how the education system in Wales is structured, plus information about the National Reading and Numeracy Tests and...
Northern Ireland
An overview of the Northern Irish educational system
Understand more about the curriculum used in Northern Ireland and how students are assessed with this brief guide.
Primary school students
11 things parents need to know about the National Curriculum
It’s the basis for what your child learns every day, but what exactly is the National Curriculum and what does it teach? Education writer and primary...
Students in Year 6 SATs
What your child learns in Year 6 maths, English and science
Year 6 means the next round of SATs exams! Start revising by knowing what the learning targets are for the new year, reviewing what was taught in...
Year 5 students and teacher
What your child learns in Year 5 maths, English and science
Understanding the new things your child will be learning in Year 5 can prepare both of you for the months ahead, and make homework sessions much...
Student in Year 4
What your child learns in Year 4 maths, English and science
Help your child prepare for the concepts and topics covered in Year 4 by knowing ahead of time what they’ll be learning in class.
Student in a Year 3 classroom
What your child learns in Year 3 maths, English and science
Starting Year 3 also means entering a new Key Stage. Read on to find out what your child’s maths, English and science lessons will be like, and how...
Student in Year 2
What your child learns in Year 2 maths, English and science
Year 2 is when your child will take their Key Stage 1 SATs exams, but what does that mean? What will they learn? And how can you help? Find out in...
Children in a year 1 classroom
What your child learns in Year 1 maths, English and science
Be prepared for what your child will learn in Year 1 with our quick reference guide to the key concepts and skills they’ll cover in class – find out...
reception child drawing a picture
What your child learns in Reception year
Understand what your child is learning in their first year of school, and find out how you can help them do their best.