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Roman road
4 ways to travel back to Roman London
Travel back in time 2,000 years and enter Londinium, a Roman city which stood where the capital does today. Bring the Roman empire to life without...
Royal London for children
3 of the best Royal London experiences for primary-school children
Our capital city is soaked in royal references and history, and it is hard to visit anywhere that isn’t connected with royalty in some way, but a few...
Children at theme park
Holiday learning in theme parks, museums and on the move
Holidays are anything but an education-free-zone says Phoebe Doyle, teacher and mum. Make the most of your children's experiences outside the...
Christmas 2012 educational activities for kids
3 ways to learn about London at Christmas
At Christmas time, a walk around London has its own special magic as you explore and experience the city in the cold. Francesca Fenn from Step...
Tembo - days out in London for kids
3 brilliant London excursions for primary school children
A trip to London is a great way to see history. With almost every stone soaked in stories of the past, a day in the capital is a great way to make...
Children playing outdoors in the snow
6 outdoor activities for wintry weather
Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors! Bundle up and get everyone outside to enjoy these fun learning activities, perfect for...