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Safeguarding in primary schools
Safeguarding in primary schools explained
What do schools have to do to keep children safe from abuse and neglect? What should you do if you suspect a child is at risk? And what will happen...
Supporting a child with special educational needs during the coronavirus outbreak
Supporting a child with special educational needs during Covid-19 times
If your child with SEN is struggling with the constant changes to their daily routine, read our advice on helping them cope in these unsettling times.
Easing your child’s worries about coronavirus
Easing your child’s worries about coronavirus
In this strange and unsettling world, it’s natural for children to be full of worries. We take a look at how to calm their fears about Covid-19 and...
What’s safe and what’s not during coronavirus school closures
What’s safe and what’s not during coronavirus school closures: the latest news
Wondering what you can or can't do while you're social distancing as a family? Here's our guide to what's allowed and what's...
The primary school parents’ guide to chickenpox
The primary school parents’ guide to chickenpox
Chickenpox can spread through schools like wildfire, so how can you help your child, and how long do they need to stay off school?
Winter health for primary school children
The primary school parent’s guide to winter health
From treating coughs and colds to knowing if your child needs antibiotics, here’s our guide to keeping primary-school children as healthy as possible...
Managing deafness at primary school
Managing deafness and hearing impairments at school
Help your child cope with hearing loss at primary school with expert advice from the National Deaf Children's Society.
Childhood vaccinations explained for parents
The parents’ guide to childhood vaccinations
Which vaccines should you have and when, and how do they protect your child and others? We take a look at the childhood vaccination schedule in the...
Managing migraines in primary schools
Managing migraines in primary schools
Around 10% of primary-aged children suffer from migraines, and they can have a big impact on school life. Lucy Dimbylow explains what parents need to...
Managing epilepsy in primary school
Managing epilepsy at school
With most children with epilepsy attending mainstream schools, we take a look at how to help your child cope with their condition and its impact on...
Managing toileting problems in primary schools
Managing toileting problems in primary schools
With continence issues on the rise amongst children, how can you expect your child's school to deal with wetting or soiling accidents?
Sunscreen and primary school
Sun safety in primary schools
Keeping your child safe in the sun is a priority for every parent, but how can you make sure they're protected during the school day?
Hypermobility in children
Coping with hypermobility at school
So-called 'double jointedness' can cause children problems at school. We take a look at how to help your child cope.
Best wellbeing apps for kids
Best wellbeing apps for kids
With mental health issues on the rise amongst children, try these apps to help your child achieve inner calm.
School attendance explained for parents
The parents' guide to school attendance
How many days per year is your child expected to be in school? What happens if they’re ill or you want to go on holiday? We explain the facts around...
Best kids' books about puberty and sex
Best children's books about puberty and sex
Clear, accurate information that's age-appropriate is essential when you decide to use a book to help you discuss puberty and sex with your...
Children using a tablet computer
Online safety rules every parent should follow
Do you worry that you're not doing enough to keep your child safe online? Are you overwhelmed by all the apps, games and websites they want to...
Headlice checking
Your step-by-step guide to dealing with headlice
Helen Maddin, Vosene Kids headlice expert, provides useful tips on the steps to take to help combat headlice.
Checking for head lice
Your tools in the war on headlice
Nits are the bane of many a parent's life, so arm yourself with these weapons to stay on top of headlice.
Child unwell in bed
The parents' guide to scarlet fever
As doctors warn of an epidemic of this contagious illness, we explain what scarlet fever is and how to spot the signs.
Headlice comb checking
Natural solutions to headlice
Fed up of headlice but not keen on using strong chemicals on your child's hair? We round up the best natural treatments.
Sepsis and bacteria in blood
Spotting the signs of sepsis in children
It's known as the 'silent killer,' but would you know the symptoms to look out for? We explain everything parents need to know about...
Headlice illustration
Should we be worried about superlice?
As experts warn of a new wave of treatment-resistant headlice, what action should we take?
School letter about headlice
8 reasons kids get headlice
A third of kids will get headlice at some point of each school year. We take a look at what causes the spread – and how you can help contain it.
Headlice detection combing
How to spot headlice
Not sure how to check your child for nits – or even what headlice look like? Follow our step-by-step guide to dealing with lice at every stage.
Shyness in the playground
How to help a shy child
School can be a testing place for socially anxious children. We take a look at how to help boost your child's confidence.
Medicine in schools
Medication in primary schools
What should you do if your child needs medicine during school hours? We take a look at the guidelines.
Father and son talking
Talking to children about mental health
The way we talk to our children about mental health issues could influence their attitudes as they get older. SANE chief executive Marjorie Wallace...
Child sneezing
Hay fever in school-age children
Sports day and outdoor play can be miserable for children with a pollen allergy. We asked Amena Warner from Allergy UK for her advice on tackling hay...
Primary-school bedwetting
Bedwetting in school-age children
Around 12 per cent of children still wet the bed when they're primary-school age. Bedwetting can be embarrassing and upsetting for children, but...
Child meditating in park
Mindfulness in primary schools explained
Mindfulness is now a part of the school day for many children. We take a look at how it helps them be their best.
Children in school cafeteria
Catching up at school after a long absence
From making up missed work to fitting back in with friends, how can children reintegrate at school after weeks away?
Children writing in classroom
Keeping up at school during a long-term absence
Falling behind at school can be an extra thing to worry about if your child is on extended sick leave, but there are ways to help them stay up to...
Anger management for kids
How to help your child manage their anger
Is your child’s temper affecting their learning, friendship and family life? Anger management strategies could help them get their emotions under...
Child and mother speaking to doctor
What is CAMHS?
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services provide help for young people suffering a range of difficulties. We take a look at how they could help...
Schoolboy studying in classroom
Helping your primary school child with exam stress
With increasing numbers of children suffering the effects of test anxiety, how can you help your child keep their nerves under control?
School nurse and child
How a school nurse could help your child
School nurses play a vital role in linking the two important areas of education and health. We explain what their role involves and when you might...
What is selective mutism?
What is selective mutism?
Around one in every 140 children suffers from this debilitating anxiety disorder. We explain the symptoms, causes and treatment.
Bethany, Christian and Carla Broomfield
'We chose home education because the kids were unhappy at school'
Janice Broomfield from Liverpool explains why she decided to home educate her three children when they became unhappy at school.
Happy children
Teaching your child the art of happiness
Happiness and positivity can make a huge difference to your child’s wellbeing and achievement. We take a look at what schools are doing, and how you...