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Mother and daughter together
Help your child cope with difficult feelings
Watching your child deal with friendship problems, anxiety, bullying and bereavement is very difficult, but you can help them develop coping...
Child with mobile phone
Does your primary school child need a mobile phone?
‘Everyone else’ might have one, but does your primary-school child need a phone of their own, and how can you make sure they’re using it responsibly?
Primary-school children
Helping your daughter cope with periods at primary school
With children going through puberty earlier than in previous generations, how can you support your primary-school child when she starts her periods?
What is growth mindset?
What is growth mindset?
It’s a huge trend in education in the US, and now it’s becoming a big deal here. We take a look at what growth mindset means for your child.
What is an education welfare officer?
What is an Education Welfare Officer?
If there are concerns about your child’s school attendance, you might be referred to an Education Welfare Officer. We explain their role.
Children walking home from school
How to build your child's independence
Do you feel like you’re constantly nagging your child to get things done? Helping them develop their independent streak could help to break the trap.
Listening skills for kids
Improving your child’s listening skills
Listening is a vital skill for your primary-school child, but how can you help to develop it?
Mother and daughter hug
How to help your child with anxiety
Anxiety is on the rise amongst primary school children, but, with the right support, they can overcome it.
Playdates in primary school
33 things that always happen on after-school playdates
They're meant to be fun, but they can be anything but – especially if you're the host parent!
Anatomy for kids
Learning about the body in primary school
At primary school children learn about the senses, the human skeleton, teeth and their function, the digestive system, puberty, the circulatory...
Mother and sons drawing
20 things you learn in your child's Reception year
The first year of school is a big learning curve for your Reception child – and for you, too...
Child colouring
Concentration exercises for primary school children
Getting your child to concentrate can be a tricky task, so try these fun tasks to help improve their attention and focus.
Gingerbread family
Surviving the festive season: parents' tips for SEN kids
Christmas crowds, lights, smells and lack of routine can make the holidays a challenging time for autistic children. Help keep the whole family happy...
Child flu vaccine
The parents' guide to the flu vaccine
This autumn all children in Reception to Year 6 (as well as those aged two to four) will be offered a free flu vaccine. We explain the facts parents...
Mum and child talking
Speaking and listening skills for SEN kids: parents' tips
Communicating effectively is hard for all of us, but children with special educational needs can find it particularly challenging. Help them practise...
Mum and daughter walking to school
9 secrets of stress-free school mornings
Do you ever feel like a stuck record, shouting instructions at your child in an attempt to leave the house on time? We reveal the tactics that could...
SEN friendship tips
Making friends and play for SEN kids: parents' tips
Making friends and learning how to play are an important part of growing up, but it can be hard for children with special educational needs to learn...
Positive mental health tips for children with SEN
Positive mental health tips for parents of SEN children
If your child has special educational needs it can be particularly hard to identify mental health difficulties. Help them express their feelings and...
ADHD and autism in girls
Autism and ADHD in girls
Spotting the signs of autism and ADHD in girls can be difficult, and getting a diagnosis even harder. So how can you tell if your daughter has one of...
St John Ambulance Big First Aid Lesson
Essential first aid skills for your primary school child
Learning a few basic skills could help your child make a real difference in an emergency. St John Ambulance offers some advice on the first aid...
Eyesight health checks
What are school entry health checks?
Soon after starting school your child’s weight, height, vision and hearing will be tested, but what do these checks actually involve?
Mum and child looking at a computer
Is your child addicted to video games?
How do you know if your child’s passion for gaming is getting out of control? We explain how to spot the signs and beat the obsession.
Supporting your gifted child
10 ways to boost an able child's confidence
Being academically gifted can put a strain on your child’s emotional wellbeing, so how can you spot if they’re struggling and build their self-esteem?
Individual healthcare plans explained
Individual healthcare plans explained for parents
Individual healthcare plans are designed to keep children with medical conditions safe, well and involved at school. We explain how these important...
Child reading
Best kids' picture books about difficult subjects
From sharing and the democratic process to divorce and bereavement, these picture books all tackle tricky subjects with warmth, humour and...
The SEN code of practice 2014 explained for parents
The SEN code of practice 2014: what it means for your child
The special educational needs system underwent its biggest reform in 30 years from 2014. We explain the main changes and how they could affect your...
Breakfast brain-boosters, Go Faster Food for Kids
5 back-to-school breakfasts to boost body and brain
Finding it hard to get the brain back into gear every morning? Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food for Kids, brings you her top three performance-...
Primary-school cooking curriculum
Cooking and nutrition in primary schools
For the first time ever, practical cookery lessons are compulsory in primary schools. We explain what your budding MasterChef might learn.
PE provision for children with disabilities
Active and inclusive: PE provision for children with disabilities
Andrew Shields examines PE provision for children with disabilities and highlights the opportunities that now exist to play sport both in school and...
Free school meals for Reception, Y1 and Y2 children
Free school meals: your questions answered
Since September 2014 all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been entitled to a free school meal at lunchtime, plus some children in KS2...
Child looking at tablet computer
How to keep children safe on social media
Once your children start using the Internet independently, how do you keep them safe while allowing them to make the most of and enjoy social media...
Go Faster Food for Kids energy-boosting after-school snacks
7 easy energy-boosting after-school snacks
After school the first words to come out of most children's mouths are "What have you brought me to eat?". Sort out the hunger pangs,...
Child writing in school
Coping with school life: practical strategies to help autistic children
Schools can be complicated places for children, teachers and parents. Autism practitioner Gina Davies explains that there will invariably be...
Aurora and Helen - dyslexia
"She has had to work two or three times harder than her peers"
Helen Barylo from Coventry describes her experience of the SEN and school system with her son Aurora, 16, who is dyslexic, and shares her tips for...
Teresa and Leanne - ADHD
"She would never rest or stop talking"
Teresa Catto-Smith from Perth, Scotland, describes her experience of the SEN and school system with her daughter Leanne, 19, who has ADHD (Attention...
Susie and David: dyspraxia
"We'll work together to develop his organising and planning skills"
Susie McCrae from Edinburgh describes her experience of the SEN and school system with her son David, 9, who has Developmental Coordination Disorder...
Andrew and Jane - ASD
'The school worked with him to strengthen his motor and social skills'
Jane Burbridge from Folkestone describes her experience of the SEN and school system with her son Andrew, 7, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),...
Managing divorce and separation at school
Managing separation and divorce at school
Separation isn’t just a family affair – the consequences need to be managed at school, too. Moira Holden explains the legalities involved and experts...
Managing asthma in primary school
Managing asthma in primary school
Managing asthma at school can be a challenge, but new legislation will ensure that children with long-term health needs receive extra support. Jo...
Sex and relationships: how to talk to your primary-school child
Sex and relationships: how to talk to your primary-school child
How should you discuss the birds and the bees with your child and when, and what can you expect your school to provide in terms of sex and...