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Anaphylaxis in schools
Dealing with anaphylaxis in schools
If your child suffers from a severe food allergy, sending them to school every day can be a daily battle of trust. Jo Willacy takes a look at policy...
Diabetes glucose testing
Managing diabetes at school
If your child has diabetes, which is a condition when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, you want to know that they’ll be as healthy and safe...
Glue ear explained
Glue ear: all your questions answered
Children afflicted by glue ear can have a miserable time at school, but the nature of the condition means many parents and teachers may not even...
Primary school health
6 primary-school health concerns parents need to look out for
The days of colic and cradle cap may be long gone, but your primary school child is now susceptible to a different range of health issues. From tummy...
School problems
7 common school life problems solved
Every parent wants their child to be happy at school, but what if there’s a problem? Here’s our step-by-step guide to tackling and resolving some of...
Boy relaxing at the beach
5 ways to teach relaxation skills to your child
Knowing how to keep calm in emotionally difficult situations is an important life skill that’s never too early to learn. Even if you don’t feel you’...
Secondary school girl with stack of books
How your child develops in Key Stage 3
As your child moves from primary to secondary school, what changes can you expect in their behaviour?
Little girl in classroom smiling
How your Year 1 child develops
With less play and more learning on the cards at school, here’s how your child will change and grow during Year 1.
Mum hugging little girl goodbye at school bus
How your Reception child develops
Starting school is a big leap for your child, so how will they grow during their first academic year?
Year 2 child
How your Year 2 child develops
With friendship issues and KS1 SATs stress to contend with, how will your child change in Year 2?
Group of year 3 pupils
How your Year 3 child develops
As your child moves from infants to juniors, how will they develop and change in Year 3?
School girls sharing secrets
How your Year 4 child develops
Sociable and independent – here’s what to expect from your child in Year 4.
School children lying in a circle
How your Year 5 child develops
With the teenage years beckoning, what can you expect from your child in Year 5?
Children at computers
How your Year 6 child develops
As they look forward to the move to secondary school, what is changing for your Year 6 child?
Entrance to high school building
How your Year 7 child develops
As they move from primary to secondary school, what changes can you expect to see in your child?
Young children in classroom
How debating can benefit your child
From improving speaking and listening skills to building self-esteem, learning to debate could have many benefits for your primary-school child. Lucy...
Children playing together
Personal, social and emotional development in EYFS
Personal, social and emotional education is important for Early Years Foundation Stage children's development. Find out here how you can support...
Young boy
Improve your child’s speech and language skills
Significant numbers of children start primary school in England with difficulties with speech and language. Here’s how you can support your child.
Reception children with teacher
How your child develops in the Early Years Foundation Stage
As your child starts their primary education, here's how they’ll develop during their Reception year.
Children running energetically
How your child develops in Key Stage 1
What changes can you expect to see in your child in Years 1 and 2?
Friends playing together in playground
How your child develops in Key Stage 2
What changes can you expect to see in your child over the next four years?
Tired boy reading at desk
Is your child getting enough sleep?
Is your child overtired – or not tired enough? Here’s how to make sure they’re getting the right amount of sleep for their age.
Walk to School Month
7 vital road safety skills you must teach your child
Worried about your child walking to school on their own? Help them become street savvy during Walk to School Month by teaching them these key...
Child awake in bed
Growing pains explained
Aches and pain don’t just happen in your 80s – children can experience strong twinges and throbbings, which can even wake them up at night. Dr. David...
Berthelsen family (Harris, far left)
'I help school staff keep my son safe'
How do you make sure your child sticks to an allergy-restricted diet when they’re not at home? Derrick and Alison Berthelsen’s son, Harris, has a...
Boy sneezing and wiping nose
Managing allergies at school: a guide for parents
It’s easy to keep track of what your child eats when they’re at home, but school is another matter. We’ve rounded up the latest advice on how to...
Child washing hands at sink
Threadworms: all your questions answered
It’s easy to feel horrified if your child gets threadworms, but don’t panic! They’re very common among kids – and easy to treat. Here are all your...
Children laughing
Why family games help positive behaviour
Traditional family games can help your child develop skills such as patience, respect, turn-taking, and being part of a team. So try these tips to...
Little boy watching TV
How to manage your child's television time
Do you worry that television viewing could be having a damaging effect on your child? We take a look at children's TV consumption and how you...
Little girl dressed as a chef
Cooking with kids: the educational benefits
Cooking with children has some great educational and health benefits, from practising maths skills to exploring different ingredients. We take a look...
Cartoon girls playing
How to make outdoor play safe
The sights and sounds of children playing together outdoors have waned over the years, but with them go many learning benefits. Try these tips to...
Child on climbing frame
The importance of children's play
Play helps a child develop their creative abilities, and takes them into a fun, positive and imaginative world where anything is possible. We explore...
Children playing 'pile on'
What supervised indoor play offers your child
Children's play is not only a great learning experience, it also can affect their approach to physical exercise and activities in years to come...
Brother and sister playing on laptop
Screen time rules
What do children really think about the amount of time they spend playing computer games? And how can you establish appropriate screen time so your...
Little girls hugging
Help your child to learn social skills
Social skills are as important to a developing child as they are to a fully grown adult. Support your child’s social development with these practical...
Vulnerable little girl
How to encourage independence in children
It can be hard to strike the balance between encouraging your children to be independent and at the same time offering them your advice and support....
Family cuddles
Tips for raising a positive child
Follow our expert advice and practical tips to nip negativity in the bud and allow positivity to flourish.
Mum telling daughter off
How to avoid losing it with your children
As parents we do not have an inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm, so if the patience is running thin, fear not, help is at hand!
Mum hugging son
Relaxation techniques for parents
Finding time to relax when you’re a parent is hard work but taking time out will make you feel calmer and boost your parenting confidence, too.
Happy little girl
Help your child cope with divorce and separation
Parents breaking up is hard for the whole family. Try these tips to support your child through this difficult time of readjustment.