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Teaching kids about current affairs
Teaching kids about current affairs
How do we help children understand what's going on in the world in an age-appropriate way? We have top tips for helping them make sense of the...
Teachers' tips for homework
Teachers’ tricks for helping with homework
Fed up of fighting about homework? We asked the real experts – experienced teachers – how they help their own children with their home learning.
Homework help that works
Could helping your child with homework actually hinder their learning?
What are the right – and wrong – ways to help with homework? We take a look at how to offer the most effective sort of parental support.
Visual timetable for kids
What is a visual timetable?
Many children benefit from having a predictable routine in their lives. Visual timetables can help them in the classroom and at home.
Working at greater depth in primary school
Working at greater depth: what it means for your child
How do schools extend children who've mastered the basic curriculum concepts? We take a look at what happens if they're 'working at...
Benefits of rote learning for children
How rote learning benefits your primary school child
From times tables to play scripts, here's how learning by heart can give your child a boost.
Critical thinking for kids
How to help your child develop critical thinking skills
Being a critical thinker will help your child succeed at school and throughout their life. We asked Peter Worley of The Philosophy Foundation for his...
Boosting children's vocabulary
How to build your child’s vocabulary
Help your child become a master of words with these great tips for boosting vocabulary at home.
Reading to expand vocabulary
Is your child’s vocabulary right for their age?
A wide vocabulary is a good indicator of how well your child will perform academically, but how can you tell if they’re on track?
Motivating children to do homework
How to keep your child motivated to learn
Do you wish your child would get on with their work without you nagging? Read our expert tips on building self-motivation.
Schoolboys in the classroom
What is a pupil referral unit?
We explain what to expect if your child is referred to a pupil referral unit (PRU), an alternative to mainstream school.
Mother and son doing homework
How to help your child learn more effectively
Is your child permanently discouraged by homework? Banish a defeatist attitude to learning with these brilliant proactive tips.
Benefits of boredom
Why boredom is good for your child
Does your child struggle to entertain themselves? We explain how they could benefit from being bored.
Father and son reading together
Coping with speech and language difficulties in mainstream school
Louisa Reeves, Speech and Language Advisor with the children’s communication charity I CAN, shares her advice on helping a child with communication...
Number square in the classroom
How maths teaching has changed since we were at school
Bus stops, the grid method, number bonds… Maths in today’s classroom can seem undecipherable. We look at how things have changed since we were kids.
Debating in the primary school classroom
12 brilliant debate topics for kids
Want to get your child’s brain working? Debating is a great way to do it. We share some challenging questions to trigger their thought processes.
Children learning sign language
Sign language and Makaton in primary schools
Signing can give children an educational boost, regardless of whether they have special needs. We take a look at its growth in schools.
Primary school English teaching
How English teaching has changed since we were at school
Feeling out of touch with your child's literacy learning? We look at how times have changed in the classroom since you were at school yourself.
Siblings doing homework
11 ways to handle the academic differences between your children
Making comparisons between our children can affect their self-esteem, so how can we break out of the habit?
Discipline in primary school
Discipline in primary schools: restorative practices
More and more schools are adopting a behaviour model that encourages kids to take responsibility for their actions. So how do restorative practices...
Primary school conversation starters
35 questions to ask your child instead of 'How was your day?'
If finding out about your child's day at school is mission: impossible, try these alternative conversation starters.
Moving to KS2 skills
Skills your child needs for moving to Key Stage 2
Help your child get off to a great start in Year 3 by working with them on these important new skills.
Teens in school uniform
Preparing for the teenage years
Feeling daunted by the prospect of parenting a teenager? Putting in some groundwork before your child hits their teens could ease their passage...
Child in classroom
9 habits of smart kids
Want to raise a high-flying child? Here's how to encourage good learning skills that'll set them up for life.
Child meditating in park
Mindfulness in primary schools explained
Mindfulness is now a part of the school day for many children. We take a look at how it helps them be their best.
Children in school cafeteria
Catching up at school after a long absence
From making up missed work to fitting back in with friends, how can children reintegrate at school after weeks away?
What is a learning log?
What is a learning log?
Learning logs are growing in popularity in primary schools, giving children more control over their learning. We take a look at what's involved.
Child and parent research on the computer
How to help your child develop research skills
Knowing how to use books and the internet for research is a vital skill for KS2 pupils. We explain how to help your primary-school child.
Family homework time
How to help a perfectionist child
We all want our kids to do well at school, but what if they’re setting themselves unrealistic standards? We take a look at the problem of...
Primary school in the USA
Primary school around the world: USA
What's it like to move your child from a UK primary school to a school in the USA? We met one family who made the big leap.
Primary school in Switzerland
Primary school around the world: Switzerland
From tiny classes to mountainside cook-outs, one parent explains what it's like to have children at primary school in Switzerland.
Primary school in Italy
Primary school around the world: Italy
Would you take a career break to give your child a flavour of school in a different country? We meet one mum who did.
Primary school in Sweden
Primary school around the world: Sweden
Scandinavian countries are renowned for the quality of their education, but what's it actually like to go to primary school in Sweden?
Primary school in France
Primary school around the world: France
Wednesdays off and four-course school dinners: we take a look at what it's like to go to primary school in France.
Israel cityscape
Primary school around the world: Israel
Long holidays, religious festivals and a focus on physical education: we take a look at what it’s like to be a primary school pupil in Israel.
Primary school in Australia
Primary school around the world: Australia
What’s it like to go to school Down Under? We talked to one British family living in Sydney.
Home educating children of different ages
Home educating children of different ages
Many families home educate more than one child. If you're thinking of doing the same for your family, we have parents' tips on how to make...
What is golden time in primary school?
What is golden time?
Has your child been talking about their "golden time" at school? We take a look at how this popular incentive for good behaviour works in...
Classroom of the future, Hope Education
The classroom of the future: back to school 2026
Another academic year means another cycle of timetables, school activities and homework for parents around the world, and before you know it it'...
Improve your child's memory
How to improve your child's memory
Want to help your child remember dates, formulae, tricky vocabulary and more? Memory champion Chester Santos has a few tips to share to help boost...