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Transition to secondary school during the coronavirus pandemic
Transition to secondary school during the coronavirus pandemic
With schools still largely closed due to coronavirus, how can we prepare our Year 6 children for the big move to secondary school? We explore how Y7...
Best literacy home schooling resources
Best literacy home schooling resources
Whether your child is just learning to read and print letters or looking for ways to put their creative writing skills to the test, we've...
How to structure your day during coronavirus school disruption
How to structure your day during homeschooling
Teacher Jennifer Smith shares her advice on how to help your child learn and structure your day if school education is disrupted again due to the...
Learning during school closures and self-isolation
Helping your child learn during coronavirus school closures
The latest updates on how coronavirus could affect your child’s learning, plus advice on establishing work and study routines at home.
Assemblies and collective worship in UK primary schools
Assemblies and collective worship in primary schools
Every school in England has to hold a daily act of collective worship, which usually takes place during assemblies. We explore what's involved...
School fundraising in the UK
School fundraising tips for parents
Practical advice for parents about grants, fundraising events and projects that can help raise money for primary and secondary schools in the UK.
Parental contributions to UK schools
Parental donations to school funds: what the law says
With increasing numbers of parents being asked to dip into their pockets to make up for UK school budget cuts, we take a look at what’s allowed, and...
Understanding primary school league tables
Understanding primary school league tables
We explain how performance measures are used to rank primary schools in England.
Be more active on the school run
10 ways to be more active on the school run
Could you pledge to leave the car at home and turn the school run into an opportunity to get some exercise?
School WhatsApp group truths
17 things you know if you're part of a school WhatsApp group
WhatsApp groups are a great way to keep abreast of what's happening at your child's school, but they don't half do your head in at...
What is Circle Time?
What is Circle Time?
Circle Time is used in many primary schools, but what actually happens in these sessions? We've got the parents' guide.
Discipline in primary school
Discipline in primary schools: restorative practices
More and more schools are adopting a behaviour model that encourages kids to take responsibility for their actions. So how do restorative practices...
Shyness in the playground
How to help a shy child
School can be a testing place for socially anxious children. We take a look at how to help boost your child's confidence.
Primary school conversation starters
35 questions to ask your child instead of 'How was your day?'
If finding out about your child's day at school is mission: impossible, try these alternative conversation starters.
Moving to KS2 skills
Skills your child needs for moving to Key Stage 2
Help your child get off to a great start in Year 3 by working with them on these important new skills.
What is an international school?
What is an international school?
How can you ensure your child gets a quality education while living overseas? Sending them to an international school could be the key.
Reception starters' meeting questions
19 questions to ask at the Reception starters’ meeting
The Reception starters' meeting is your chance to ask your burning questions about what happens when your child starts school. Our ideas will...
Historical dressing up
Kids' historical costumes to buy
Planning ahead for Victorian day at school? Looking for an easy evacuee costume or a Roman centurion outfit? Need to find a dressing-up solution for...
Lunch box art
18 lunchbox hacks every parent should know
Fed up of making the same old packed lunches everyday? These brilliant ideas will save time and money, and make your child's daily lunch more...
Children in school cafeteria
Catching up at school after a long absence
From making up missed work to fitting back in with friends, how can children reintegrate at school after weeks away?
Anger management for kids
How to help your child manage their anger
Is your child’s temper affecting their learning, friendship and family life? Anger management strategies could help them get their emotions under...
School waiting lists explained
School waiting lists explained
Missed out on a place at the school of your choice? Joining the waiting list could keep the door open for your child.
What is the National Funding Formula?
The National Funding Formula for schools explained
New plans to change how school budgets are allocated could see some schools gain, but others suffer. We explain the National Funding Formula in a...
Child and teacher in the classroom
What is a special school?
If your child has special educational needs, a mainstream education may not be right for them. We take a look at how special schools could help.
Costume-making kit for parents
18 must-have costume-making supplies for World Book Day and beyond
Never again will you be caught out by a last-minute outfit request from your primary school child with these craft basics. Stock up today!
What is a scholarship or bursary?
Applying for scholarships and bursaries
Considering a private school but worried about the fees? Financial assistance could help make the dream a reality. We explain everything primary-...
Primary school in the USA
Primary school around the world: USA
What's it like to move your child from a UK primary school to a school in the USA? We met one family who made the big leap.
Primary school in Switzerland
Primary school around the world: Switzerland
From tiny classes to mountainside cook-outs, one parent explains what it's like to have children at primary school in Switzerland.
Child cycling
Bikeability explained
Bike riding is an important skill for children to master. We explain how schools play their part in teaching them safe cycling.
KS3 and KS4 curriculum
The parents' guide to secondary school: KS3 and KS4 explained
What will your child learn at school in KS3 and KS4? We take a look at the secondary school curriculum from Year 7 up.
Secondary school pupils
The parents' guide to secondary school: types of school
Not sure whether your child would do best at an academy, free school or grammar school? We explain the different types of secondary school.
Primary school in Italy
Primary school around the world: Italy
Would you take a career break to give your child a flavour of school in a different country? We meet one mum who did.
Primary school in Sweden
Primary school around the world: Sweden
Scandinavian countries are renowned for the quality of their education, but what's it actually like to go to primary school in Sweden?
Primary school in France
Primary school around the world: France
Wednesdays off and four-course school dinners: we take a look at what it's like to go to primary school in France.
Secondary school performance measures explained for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: performance measures
Every parent wants their child to go to a secondary school that will help them reach their potential. We explain how to interpret the league tables.
Child writing in diary
8 great reasons for your child to keep a diary
Writing a diary is more than just a way for your child to record their daily life: it can have impressive educational benefits, too.
Israel cityscape
Primary school around the world: Israel
Long holidays, religious festivals and a focus on physical education: we take a look at what it’s like to be a primary school pupil in Israel.
Primary school in Australia
Primary school around the world: Australia
What’s it like to go to school Down Under? We talked to one British family living in Sydney.
School nurse and child
How a school nurse could help your child
School nurses play a vital role in linking the two important areas of education and health. We explain what their role involves and when you might...
School children singing
Welsh language teaching in Wales
The Welsh language is an important part of the curriculum in Wales, but what do children learn and how is it balanced with their learning of English?