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Children running energetically
How your child develops in Key Stage 1
What changes can you expect to see in your child in Years 1 and 2?
Friends playing together in playground
How your child develops in Key Stage 2
What changes can you expect to see in your child over the next four years?
Secondary school girl with stack of books
How your child develops in Key Stage 3
As your child moves from primary to secondary school, what changes can you expect in their behaviour?
Little girl in classroom smiling
How your Year 1 child develops
With less play and more learning on the cards at school, here’s how your child will change and grow during Year 1.
Mum hugging little girl goodbye at school bus
How your Reception child develops
Starting school is a big leap for your child, so how will they grow during their first academic year?
Year 2 child
How your Year 2 child develops
With friendship issues and KS1 SATs stress to contend with, how will your child change in Year 2?
Group of year 3 pupils
How your Year 3 child develops
As your child moves from infants to juniors, how will they develop and change in Year 3?
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Why family games help positive behaviour
Traditional family games can help your child develop skills such as patience, respect, turn-taking, and being part of a team. So try these tips to...
Little boy watching TV
How to manage your child's television time
Do you worry that television viewing could be having a damaging effect on your child? We take a look at children's TV consumption and how you...
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Help your child to learn social skills
Social skills are as important to a developing child as they are to a fully grown adult. Support your child’s social development with these practical...
Vulnerable little girl
How to encourage independence in children
It can be hard to strike the balance between encouraging your children to be independent and at the same time offering them your advice and support....
Family cuddles
Tips for raising a positive child
Follow our expert advice and practical tips to nip negativity in the bud and allow positivity to flourish.
Mum telling daughter off
How to avoid losing it with your children
As parents we do not have an inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm, so if the patience is running thin, fear not, help is at hand!
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Help your child cope with divorce and separation
Parents breaking up is hard for the whole family. Try these tips to support your child through this difficult time of readjustment.
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Children's playdate etiquette
Mummy blogger, A Modern Mother, shares her top tips for the perfect playdate for your child.
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The importance of taking time to talk
Kids' coach Naomi Richards shares her advice for keeping the lines of communication open with your children.
Girl painting friend's toenails
Are girls growing up too fast?
A survey by the charity Children’s Society showed that children are most unhappy with their appearance, above confidence, school and family life....
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How to give your child the right kind of praise
We all love praise but some types are more effective than others. Jackie Cosh explains why.
Boy hiding behind his hands
Dealing with lies
White lies, black lies, big lies, small lies, tall tales, porkies, fibs... lies come in all sorts of shapes and guises and there are just as many...
Little boy sulking
Teaching children good manners
Teaching children good manners and giving them plenty of positive encouragement can help children manage their behaviour. Read on to find out how.
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Why it's okay for your child to have an imaginary friend
Children have imaginary friends at all ages and it doesn't mean that there is something wrong. In fact it can have some very positive benefits....
Helping children cope with bereavement
How to help your child cope with bereavement
Everyone deals with grief and bereavement in their own personal way, whatever their age or personality. We offer some expert advice on supporting...
How to raise a resilient child
How to raise a resilient child
Whether it’s failure to achieve a certain goal, being let down or simply failure to receive something we had our hearts set on, we all suffer knock-...
Boy making fun of this brother
Coping with sibling rivalry
Expert Sue Atkins looks at the ways parents can approach their children's relationships, and what a family can do together to build a happy,...
Boy shouting
Temper tantrums explained
Tantrums are a part of everyday life for children and their parents, and it’s not just toddlers who are guilty of losing it from time to time. We...
Upset girl at laptop
What is cyber-bullying?
Cyber-bullying is a fast growing phenomenon and can be an extension of bullying in school or can be carried out by complete strangers. We look into...
Little girl using laptop
How to deal with cyber-bullying
Cyber-bullying can be particularly distressing because victims feel the bullies have access to them at all times. We offer some practical ways you...
Children pulling funny faces
Childhood friendships: should you intervene?
When your child falls out with a friend or seems unhappy with the social aspect of school, what can you do to help and how involved should you get?...
Girl pushing boy playfully
Is your child bullying?
Being told that your child is bullying is very difficult to come to terms with. We offer some expert advice and support on how to cope and help your...
Children on swings
Child safety: stranger danger
Keeping children safe is our top priority as parents. But how do we strike a balance between protecting our little ones, and smothering them?
Leaving your child home alone in the UK
Leaving your child home alone: when is it safe?
At what age can your child safely be left at home while you go out? Read our advice on how to decide, with advice about the legalities in the UK.
Family relaxing in bed
Why relaxation is important for children
With so much going on in their lives, children need to find time to simply unwind, put their feet up, and have some all important 'me-time...
Children playing in the park
Recognising Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in children
All children have daily rituals and habits, but when they start to become stressful for the child it can be a sign that something isn't quite...
Little girl crying
How to look after your child's mental health
Coping with a child who has mental health issues is never easy for parents or carers. We take a look at some of the things you can do to ensure a...
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Help develop your child's communication skills
Communication difficulties in children can be tackled through a variety of different activities and games. Find some ideas here to get you started.
Mum talking to her child
Explaining special needs to children
Amy Schofield speaks to SEN expert Vicki Dawson to find out how to approach the subject with your child.
Happy bunch of children
How music can soothe hyperactivity
Some experts believe that music has the power to soothe and relax a child with hyperactivity and can help them control their own behaviour. We...
Teamwork in primary school
How to teach your child teamwork
We take a look at the importance of building team skills from a young age, and what you can do to support your child.
How singing can support children’s learning
Singing can support children’s learning and emotional development. We take a look at how a good sing-song could help your child.
Girl engrossed in her computer
The benefits of blogging for your child
Blogs are a great way to help children use ICT to express themselves but keeping them safe online is vital. Read our advice on safe blogging and how...