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Education, health and care (EHC) plans: expert tips to help parents
Statements of special educational needs have recently been replaced by EHC plans. SEN experts Antonia Chitty and Tania Tirraoro explain how the new...
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10 questions parents of ADHD children should ask their schools
Whether you’ve just found out your child has ADHD, or are checking new schools for your ADHD child, use our list of key questions to get all the...
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All about dysgraphia
Could your child’s difficulty with writing be dysgraphia? Find out what the signs are, and what to do about it.
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Writing practice: how to help your struggling child
Is your child’s handwriting a cause for concern? Help them to improve it with these simple activities.
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Homework tips for children with dyslexia
The British Dyslexia Association shares tips to help make doing homework a calm and productive process for your dyslexic child.
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Settling a child with SEN back into school
After the school holidays any child can find it unsettling heading back to school but it can be especially worrying for children with SEN. Here’s...
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How dyslexia is identified
You think your child may be dyslexic, but how can you really be sure when they’re still quite young? Teacher and parent coach Glynis Kozma gives a...
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Boosting your child's concentration skills
Your guide to the special needs that can cause concentration difficulties and tips to help your child focus.
Does your child have special educational needs?
Does your child have special educational needs?
Find out about the wide spectrum of special educational needs children can have – and how you can support them at home and get the support they need...
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How educational psychologists can support SEN children
What is an educational psychologist and how might they help your child? We chat to consultant child educational psychologist Laverne Antrobus to find...
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Help develop your child's communication skills
Communication difficulties in children can be tackled through a variety of different activities and games. Find some ideas here to get you started.
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How can a clinical psychologist help your child with SEN?
Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Kilbey chats to TheSchoolRun about what her job involves and how a clinical psychologist can support a child with...
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Dyscalculia explained
How can you tell if your child has dyscalculia? TheSchoolRun takes a look at this mathematical difficulty and suggests ways to support your child...
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Explaining special needs to children
Amy Schofield speaks to SEN expert Vicki Dawson to find out how to approach the subject with your child.
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Childhood dyspraxia explained
Your guide to what dyspraxia is and how you can support a dyspraxic child at home.
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How to strengthen your child's coordination skills
Handwriting, buttoning, drawing or using a knife and fork… your child’s hands can perform the most amazing array of tasks. We take a look at how you...
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Dyslexia: strengths, advantages and opportunities
While dyslexic children can have learning difficulties they can also be very gifted in certain areas. Find out how to create a positive and...
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Getting the right support for children with dyslexia
Your guide to the signs of dyslexia and step-by-step advice on how to get your child the appropriate educational support.
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8 dyslexia signs you should never ignore
Concerned about your child's progress at school? Familiarise yourself with the signs of dyslexia so you can get help for your child if they need...
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Living with autism
How can you help a child with autism? We look at the different kinds of treatments available.
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10 things you need to know about Autistic Spectrum Disorders in children
Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are often difficult to understand and diagnose. We take a look some of the key things to know about them and how...
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Engaging activities for children with autism
Providing your autistic child with activities that stimulate them but make them feel secure at the same time can be a challenge. Tessa Scott looks at...
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Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis - what happens next?
A diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome may seem a relief after months of uncertainty. But what happens next? Catherine Burrows reports.
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Living with ADHD
What is ADHD and how can it affect your child? We take a look at the symptoms and provide expert advice on the needs of a child with ADHD.
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10 things parents need to know about ADHD
ADHD can be a difficult condition for parents to understand. Read on for an insight into it and how you can help your child cope.
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How music can soothe hyperactivity
Some experts believe that music has the power to soothe and relax a child with hyperactivity and can help them control their own behaviour. We...
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Understanding ADHD in children
Understanding how ADHD affects your child at school, and the type of support that should be in place, will make it easier for you to help them...
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Managing ADHD at home
At school a child with ADHD has SEN support, special educational needs coordinators and classroom assistants, but when they come home how can you...
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Children with ADHD – how to support their siblings
Sibling rivalry is a common issue in many households, but it can be extra challenging for the family of a child with ADHD. We offer expert advice on...
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Does my child have ADHD?
Every child’s behaviour can occasionally be loud and boisterous. So how can you tell the difference between lively activity and something more...
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How does dyslexia impact on a child's learning?
We look at how dyslexia can affect your child at school and strategies to use at home to support their learning.
Reading tips for dyslexic children
Top tips to help your dyslexic child enjoy reading
Reading might be difficult for some dyslexic children, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it. We have tips to help you inspire them to love books.
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How technology can boost dyslexic children's learning
Mind mapping is a great way for dyslexic children to learn and using computer software to do it makes it even easier. Read on to find out more.
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Making sense of the SEN Code of Practice
Your guide to some of the key procedures and recommended actions in the SEN Code of Practice. Plus find tips on supporting your child.
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How to support an underachieving child
There are lots of ways to help an underachieving child. Find expert advice and tips on how to encourage them to develop in their weak areas here.