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Want to support your child's primary school learning at home? As a subscriber to TheSchoolRun, you'll be able to access all of our English, maths and science worksheets, our learning packs and workbooks, SATs resources and the unique Learning Journey programme. Read on to find out what TheSchoolRun has to offer, and why you should join today.

Subscribe to TheSchoolRun to access 1000s of educational resources

As a subscriber you will receive complete access to TheSchoolRun – this means you can download all of our English, maths and science worksheets, divided by school year and subject. Written by educational experts and teachers, they're designed to support your child’s literacy and numeracy skills, and are guaranteed to extend and improve their understanding of these core subjects. 

✓ Understand your child’s individual learning goals after using our exclusive termly Progress Checks.

✓ Find the facts you need with advice, support and plain-English information about all aspects of school life.

✓ Improve your child’s skills in all subjects by accessing ALL of our colourful English, maths, science and SATs practice worksheets (over 5000 currently, and we’re adding to them all the time).

✓ Boost their confidence in national tests, with our bespoke SATs–style practice papers (and the official past papers) for KS1 and KS2 SATs, mock Year 1 Phonics Screening Checks, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG) tests and Optional SATs tests.

✓ Help your child achieve their full potential throughout the school year with our easy weekly learning programme, tailored to their specific age.  (Our subscribers tell us this alone has increased their child’s ability by one whole school year!)

✓ Master tricky topics (fractions, decimals, phonics, spelling, grammar and many more) with in-depth learning packs and workbooks: 50+ pages of information and colourful activities developed to ensure your child really understands primary English and maths.

TheSchoolRun subscriber access: what's included

• Exclusive SATs practice papers, workbooks and the SATs revision course
These essential resources will help your child practice for SATs, and increase your knowledge of what the tests involve. Each set of papers comes with inside advice on how to take the tests and how to mark the papers. Plus we have SATs workbooks with helpful revision techniques and study skills and a unique SATs revision course for both KS1 and KS2 SATs.

• Learning packs and workbooks
If there’s a specific area of learning your child needs support with, our packs offer information, advice and plenty of engaging practical activities to help you. Written by teachers and experts and exclusively available to TheSchoolRun subscribers, our packs and workbooks (each 50+ pages long) are fun as well as practice-packed.

• The Learning Journey programme
For every school year we've created a separate Learning Journey for English, maths and science. Each Learning Journey has 40 worksheets that cover the key areas of learning that are taught in that school year – so that's 120 in total for English, maths and science (or three a week for every week of the school year). Plus, there are an extra 24 puzzles, games and quizzes to keep them busy in the school holidays.

Every week we email subscribers our Learning Journey email, packed with teachers' tips about the worksheets to complete.

If you work through all 80 maths and English worksheets with your child, you can be confident that by the end of the school year you'll have covered all the core topics they need to have learned that year. There are also topic-specific Learning Journeys as well as Progress Checks for your child to take at the end of every school term.

• Your own Personal Account Manager (PAM)
Once you subscribe, you'll be allocated your very own PAM, who will always be at the end of an email to help direct you to resources on the site suitable for your child's school year. She can answer all your questions about how to get the most out of your subscription and help you create a personalised plan that targets the areas of learning you want your child to focus on.

• And much, more, including exclusive discounts on our range of educational books!

TheSchoolRun learning packs

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What parents say...

Who better to tell you about the real benefits of subscribing than our subscribers! Here are just a few of the comments they've made...

'I have recommended to two other parents, who both joined up after the trial period. The learning worksheets and easy explanations are some of the straight forward answers that you never seem to get when you go into school and ask. TheSchoolRun absolutely explains everything in enough details that we all understand, please don't stop doing this, it makes things soooo simple!'  – Survey respondent

'Excellent value, a must in a child's life if you want them to succeed.' – Survey respondent

‘I have just taken advantage of the excellent 14 day trial for £1.97 and am so far very impressed with the resources available and the website design!’  – Alan, Cheshire

‘I absolutely love this site and have used loads from it so am proud to be a member. Thanks for all the great information the site provides.’ – Victoria, Timperley

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TheSchoolRun subscribers also have access to one-to-one support from our Personal Account Managers, Karen and Michelle, who are available to help subscribers get the most out of the site and its resources.

So why not take a 14-day trial for just £1.97 and get all of the benefits TheSchoolRun has to offer? 

For just £1.97 you’ll get a 14-day trial subscription to our service and you’ll be able to instantly browse, donwload, print or complete online the worksheets, activities and learning packs you need for your child. You can terminate your subscription at any time during your trial and pay nothing further simply by emailing us at enquiries@theschoolrun.com. Your subscription starts as soon as you have paid your trial subscription fee and gives you full access to all the resources on the site.

Find out more about our pricing plans and our discounted School Lifetime subscription on our pricing page.