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Year 4 English booster pack

Year 4 English booster pack
Publication type: eBook

Put Y4 literacy skills and knowledge into practice the fun way with wordsearches, mix and match activities, play scripts and more - a great way to revise all the core learning skills covered in Year 4 English.

Summary of contents:

Help your child revise key Y4 literacy concepts with our booster pack of fun activities. From writing an advert (persuasive text) to designing a Wanted poster (to practise using correct punctuation), your child will use a range of the skills they need to master in Year 4.

The Year 4 English booster pack covers:

  • Transforming nouns into verbs
  • Adverbial phrases
  • Story flow charts
  • Apostrophes
  • Describing settings
  • Writing recounts
  • Reading comprehension
  • Figurative language

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Look inside the Year 4 English booster pack: