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Blank hundred chart or hundred square
Use a blank hundred square to explain decimals to KS2 children, as well as showing the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.
WordMaths: synonyms puzzle
The words in this puzzle all correspond to a number. Take the letters in the grid and do the maths to decipher the new word. The two words will be synonyms (they have the same meaning). If the letter in the new word is the same as the letter in the first word, there will be no maths to do.
Word split: compound words puzzle
Cut out the cards. The red ones are the first part of a longer word, the blue ones are the second part. Mix and match to see how many longer words you can make.
Word speed challenge
Print off a copy of the challenge sheet for every person. Who can fill the grid with nouns, verbs and adjectives the fastest?
Word colouring: nouns and pronouns
Colour the squares with nouns in green. Colour the squares with pronouns in brown. Leave the blank squares empty, then work out what the picture is.
Times tables puzzle
Can you solve the times tables trail? Starting with the bottom numbers, draw lines to the multiples of that number to reach the gifts.
Square words wordsearch
Can you find all these Goldilocks-themed words in the wordsearch?
Shape sequences puzzle
Can you draw the next shape in each sequence?
Prime time puzzle
Pinky the alien will only tell the time when all the numbers are prime numbers. Can you work out what time he will wait for before he tells the following times?
Prepositions x-words
Prepositions are linking words in a sentence, used to explain where things are in time or space. Can you place the words in the rows so that the green letters going diagonally spell a preposition from top to bottom?
Number hopscotch
Using the numbers in the hopscotch, choose ones that add up to make the big number given. You need to use three, four and five numbers.
Number doubles puzzle
Starting with the numbers in the coloured squares at the bottom of each grid, work your way upwards, finding the double of each number and shading it in the same colour.
Number crossword: days and time
Fill this like an ordinary crossword, except the answers are numbers not words.
Mirror line colouring
Can you colour the squares so that each side of the picture is an exact mirror image?
Mini word Sudoku
Put the letters from the word EASY in the squares so that each column, row, and mini-grid contains all the letters that make up the word.
Mini word Sudoku
Put the letters from the word GRUMPY in the squares so that each column, row, and mini-grid contains all the letters that make up the word.
Letters and words puzzle
Can you rearrange these letters to find the word solution to each clue?
Grid coordinates treasure hunt
There is a treasure chest buried on an island, and a sailor has come to find it. Read the story clues and follow the sailor’s route to help him find the treasure.
Fish / cakes: matching decimals and fractions puzzle
Can you draw a line connecting the fish and cakes whose decimals and fractions match?
Double letter: opposites puzzle
Cross out the letters that are in the grid twice. The letters that are left will spell two words that are opposites.