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In this section of the site you can find out how computing is taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and the requirements of the national curriculum, as well as how to help your child develop essential computer skills and even have a go at computer coding.

You'll also discover how to keep your child safe online.


Computing in KS1
What your child learns in Key Stage 1 computing
Computing is an essential skill for all children to learn, and an important part of the curriculum. Here’s what your child will be taught in Years 1 and 2.
Coding in the 2014 primary school curriculum
Primary school coding explained for parents
As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, UK children will be sitting in their classrooms potentially writing their very first lines of computer code. New 'computer code' classes, part of the 2014 primary curriculum, aim to teach kids not to be simply users of technology, but creators of it too. Kate Yelland explains what parents need to know.
Boy playing on computer
Essential computer skills for four and five year olds
Learning about computers is as essential as reading, writing and arithmetic. Amy Schofield shows how to support your child’s ICT learning at home.


Using technology in science worksheet
Using technology in science
A worksheet encouraging children to think about the technology used by scientists in particular areas of science.
Different ways of communicating information
Different ways of communicating information
This maths worksheet will help your child to explore different ways of communicating information and asks them to draw a bar chart. It is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and can be done alone until the extension activity.


Using email quiz
Ping the zondle! Using email quiz

Ping the zondle every time you answer one of these questions about emails.

Using a keyboard quiz
Parachuting zondles! Using a keyboard

Save the parachuting zondle by clicking on the correct parachute. But be careful though... answer one of these questions about how to use a computer keyboard incorrectly and your zondle will fall into shark-infested water!

Understanding computer programmes
Balloon catcher! Understanding computer programmes

Answer these computer questions correctly and your zondle will leap into the air, catch the balloon and float off into safety.