Transition to secondary school

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It might seem only the blink of an eye ago that you were waving your child off on their first day in Reception, but if you’ve got a child in Year 5 or Year 6 you’ll already be starting to think about the transition to secondary school.

We’ve got lots of information, advice and tips in this section to help you choose and apply for the right school (and appeal if necessary), prepare your child for the move, get everything ready for the first day (including the 5 things you must do before starting secondary school!) and help your child find their feet during those first daunting weeks. We’d also recommend you head over to our forum to chat to other parents who’ve already been through it and survived to tell the tale!


Secondary school ICT
13 things you must look for during a secondary school visit
Starting the secondary school application process and feeling a bit clueless? We quizzed the experts (and the parents who’ve been there and done it) to find out what you should look out for when touring schools.
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10 common secondary school application mistakes
Applying for a job is a walk in the park compared to choosing, applying for and getting your child into your preferred secondary school. In the next few frantic weeks, half a million families will be putting pen to paper – so make sure your application form doesn’t contain any of their common mistakes.
Secondary school transfer days
Secondary school induction days: what to expect
The transition from primary to secondary school is a big step for your child, but summer term induction days can help them to prepare for their new milestone. We explain how they work and what you (and your child) should expect.
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Parent's Guide to SEcondary School

A Parent's Guide to Secondary School

This indispensable guide will help you and your child successfully manage the important transition from the cosy world of primary school to the bigger world of secondary school. A Parent's Guide to Secondary School takes you through everything you need to know about secondary school, from deciding which schools to apply for, through the application and appeals process, to supporting your child in the first weeks and months in their new school.

sussing out your secondary school

Sussing out your secondary school

Sussing Out Your Secondary School is a practical guide which supports you child's transition from primary school to secondary school.

Bright, colourful and full of practical tips for new school starters, this workbook is for your child to use as they move up to secondary school. Through a range of activities, they’ll think and learn about all the important aspects of changing school, including planning the journey, making friends, coping with the homework and understanding the timetable.

Transition to secondary school