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The Parents' Guide to Secondary School

The Parents' Guide to Secondary School
Publication type: eBook

This indispensable guide will help you and your child successfully manage the important transition from the cosy world of primary school to the bigger world of secondary school. The Parents' Guide to Secondary School takes you through everything you need to know about secondary school, from deciding which schools to apply for, through the application and appeals process, to supporting your child in the first weeks and months in their new school.

The expert advice and practical tips from parents contained in these pages will ensure that you are able to help your child prepare for this exciting new chapter in their life, and that they begin secondary school feeling confident and supported both practically and emotionally.

Chapter breakdown:

In The Parents' Guide to Secondary School, you'll find 92 pages that cover all the topics and questions that worry parents most, including:

  • Before starting school: your essential countdown list
  • Emotional and mental preparation
  • Helping your child to become independent
  • Adjusting to a new school environment
  • Coping with tiredness
  • Personal organisation
  • Addressing problems with settling in
  • How to become involved in school life
  • Joining the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • How to become a school governor
  • A guide to the subjects in the secondary national curriculum
  • Helping your child to manage their homework
  • Using a computer
  • Assessment and streaming
  • Levels of attainment
  • Bullying / Cyberbullying
  • Getting help
  • If your child falls behind with school work
  • Problems at home
  • Peer pressure
  • Setting boundaries
  • FAQs with an expert panel of teachers, child psychologists and an education lawyer
  • No matter what you want to know, you're sure to find it here.

And when you show your child that you're confident about what will happen, they'll start to feel exactly the same way!


The Parents' Guide to Secondary School is the up-to-the-minute resource for everything you possibly need to know about the next stage of your child’s education.

Written by education expert, Dr Kim Thomas – with input from teachers, top education lawyers, child psychologists and parents – this handy guide will tell you everything you need to be doing from today to ensure your child is ready for September...

• Prepare your child emotionally and practically for high school – there are lots of tips!
• Answer common worries – about homework, bullying, independence, mobile phones, safety and more
• Understand how to make an appeal, with expert guidance
• Support your child if they have trouble settling in
• Discover resources, guides to learning and much more

The coming days, weeks and months will have a huge impact on the next five years of your child’s life, and beyond...

With Kim’s book at your side, you’ll be fully prepared to give them a stress-free start!

Once you get The Parents' Guide to Secondary School, you'll quickly find that all of your worries disappear.

It's been written especially for parents like you, who care about their child's wellbeing, and want them to enjoy the time they spend in high school.

No prior knowledge is required, and everything is explained in parent-friendly language that's easy to understand.

With chapters devoted to all the important topics – appeals, getting ready, settling in and more – you'll get the answers you need, without the hassle.