Learning packs

Learning packs cover all aspects of a tricky subject, from information for parents to practical activities to help your child master it. Whether it's times tables or handwriting your child needs practice in, everything you need is just a download away.

Book reviews activity pack
Help your child explore books and language with TheSchoolRun's Book reviews activity pack, a huge collection of reading comprehension and creative writing resources for Year 1 to Year 6.
Cool Maths Games for kids learning pack
Add an extra learning dimension to family game time – try one of our Cool Maths board games and help reinforce your child's knowledge of number bonds, percentages and fractions while you play. Compiled by deputy headteacher Matt Revill and packed with 20 games, this maths learning pack covers all the key skills your child will need to master as part of the primary numeracy curriculum.
Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack
It's time to save the world... one correct spelling at a time! Designed to help kids practise common KS2 spelling patterns and tricky words the fun way, the Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack offers wordsearches, crosswords, puzzles and codes galore.
Decimals made simple learning pack cover
Do you dread decimals? Don't! Our Decimals made simple learning pack aims to take you through every aspect of primary-school decimal learning, from using decimal notation in money and measurements to converting fractions to decimals and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. As well as a year-by-year guide to what your child learns you'll be able to complete 35 worksheets with your child to help them put their decimals knowledge into practice. And why not end a study session with a quick decimal game? Use the number spinner provided to try your hand at making the biggest (or smallest) decimal number, or speed-racing some decimal multiplication or division.
Engaging with English pack
Created by an early years education expert, the Engaging with English pack will provide you with lively and original ideas to help bring four popular children’s books vividly to life. Whether your child is in the EYFS or KS1 these activities are the perfect starting point for turning book-shy children into bookworms.
Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2
Beans, gingerbread men, ice, washing-up bottles and cocoa powder – that's all you need to demonstrate key KS1 and KS2 science concepts to your child at the kitchen table. Packed with simple experiments, fun games (Muffled Chinese Whispers, anyone?) and parent-friendly science explanations, our Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2 learning pack is all you need to make primary science come to life for your child.
Fabulous phonics pack
Learning to read is all about phonics these days, so if you don't know your phonemes from your digraphs our phonics learning pack is for you. You'll get a complete overview of how and why phonics is taught, as well as teacher tips to help you make phonics learning part of your child's everyday life and 50 printable games and activities to put the theory into practice.
Festive fun activities for KS1
Write letters to Santa, help the elves by counting presents, build a Christmas model village and more with our collection of festive learning activities for children in Year 1 and Year 2. Guaranteed to keep kids engaged with learning in the run-up to the celebrations!
Festive fun activities for KS2
With Christmas lists to write, present-delivery schedules to work out, Grotto problems to solve and light and dark experiments to try this bumper pack of festive learning activities will keep your child engaged over the Christmas break.
Football maths and soccer English for KS1 and KS2
Make the most of World Cup fever and give grammar, division and spelling practice a football twist with our soccer-themed worksheets for KS1 and KS2 children.
Fractions made simple learning pack
Foxed by fractions? Not any more! From the foundations of fractions learning in Reception to converting fractions to decimals and percentages in Year 6, our learning pack identifies everything your child needs to know in this tricky area. You’ll understand how fractions are taught using pictures, how to make the concept real for your child and revise the mathematical terminology (numerators, improper fractions, quotients and more). Of course, you might have to eat a few halves, quarters and eighths of pizzas or cakes with your child to help them learn… it’s a hard life, being a parent!
Get started with French pack
Planning a holiday in France? Give your child a head start with our beginner's guide to French, designed to help them grasp basic vocabulary and form simple sentences. We’ve asked a native French speaker to record all the words and phrases in the pack, so your child will hear the correct pronunciation and intonation, just as they would on an audio language course. Bonne chance!
Gifted and talented pack cover
Looking for some really original, exciting learning activities to try out at home? Our Gifted and talented pack presents 30 fascinating, involving projects to get stuck into, all linked to the national curriculum for 5- to 11-year-olds and designed to get your child (and you!) thinking, creating and loving learning.
Great grammar games learning pack
From proper nouns to pronouns, statements to subordinate clauses and articles to adverbs, help your child revise KS2 grammar the fun way with our Great Grammar Games learning pack. A friendly, grammar- and flamingo-obsessed Grammar Gator offers tips, tricks, exercises and activities to help your child practise all aspects of basic English grammar, helping them prepare for the Y6 grammar SATs in play-packed sessions.
Have fun with spelling pack cover
Does your child’s spelling really let their writing down? Have fun with spelling offers you practical and effective strategies to help support your child’s learning at home, based on a real understanding of how spelling is taught and why it’s tricky to master. The bad news? Your child will be beating you at Scrabble before you know it!
Home education planning pack TheSchoolRun
If you've decided to home educate your child this learning pack provides guidance, templates and advice to get you started.
Improve your child's handwriting pack
Handwriting is a crucial life skill, but how can you help your child write neatly and legibly? Our eight-week learning pack is packed with information and tips from handwriting experts, as well as fun and practical steps you can take to help your child put theory into practice.
KS1 creative writing toolkit
Help your child harness their imagination and share their stories in writing with our KS1 creative writing learning pack. Bursting with fill-in prompt sheets and inspiring ideas to get even the most reluctant writer started, it's the perfect way to encourage children aged 5 to 7 to put pen to paper.
KS1 Easter activities pack
English, maths and science have a very chocolatey taste over the Easter break, with lots of maths, phonics, spelling and simple science investigations to keep chocolate-hunters busy and learning.
KS1 Maths Puzzle Pack, TheSchoolRun
Number bonds, odd and even, halving and doubling, reading information tables... Horatio the wizard needs your child's help with all his KS1 maths skills if he's to complete his quest and become a real magician. Puzzles to solve, games to play and a tricky code to crack... who says playing with numbers isn't fun?
KS2 creative writing toolkit
Does your child long to write stories? Our KS2 creative writing toolkit is packed with writing prompts to inspire them and gorgeously-illustrated pages to write on.
KS2 Easter activities pack cover
Get ready for some egg-y, chocolate-y, Easter-y fun! The KS2 Easter activities pack has plenty of themed maths, English and science learning opportunities to keep kids busy and learning over the spring break.
KS2 Maths Puzzle Pack, TheSchoolRun
Are you ready to uncover dastardly deeds and confront super-evil villains, armed just with your mathematical skills and lots of courage? Join Oscar Octo and Penelope Penta, agents for the Geometric World Spy Agency, to track down a mysterious nemesis. There'll be a few (ok, a load!) of number puzzles to solve along the way, all designed to challenge KS2 mathematicians to the limit. Will you accept your mission?
Magic Maths learning pack
Are you ready to unleash your maths superpowers? Our number tricks will help you develop X-Ray vision, read minds, memorise hundreds of numbers and more. Add, subtract, multiply, divide and... abracadabra!
Mastering money maths learning pack
Feeling confident about all aspects of money is a fundamental life skill, and it’s all about applying mathematical knowledge to pounds and pence. From simple addition and subtraction to division, multiplication and decimal calculations, help your child practise their money maths with games, activities and worksheets, as well as teachers’ tips to support financial learning at home. But beware – you might have play shops (a lot!), as well as rewarding calculator challenges with pocket money bonuses!
Maths card games for KS1 and KS2
Playing with cards might seem old-fashioned in our screen-loving age, but maths card games will help your child become fluent and confident with numbers – without them even realising they're exercising their maths thinking brain. From number bonds to fractions and probability, try some of our traditional or adapted card games to practise basic maths concepts.
Mental Maths learning pack
For primary school students, mental maths is more than being able to work out sums in their head without writing anything down. It's an important skill that incorporates all of the maths concepts they learn, and that they'll be tested on throughout the primary-school years. Help your child gain confidence and accuracy in mental maths with tests targeted at their year group, plus a comprehensive guide for parents on what mental maths is all about.
Patterns playbook learning pack
Before children are able to start writing letters and words their hands and muscles need to get used to producing marks on paper. Our Patterns playbook offers your child the opportunity to practise common writing patterns in preparation for handwriting letters at age 4 or 5. It's also a fun way to encourage an older child has trouble writing particular letters. Can they make some waves, draw some curly baby hair and decorate a birthday cake with Smarties, all while doing some vital handwriting practice?
Perfect Punctuation Workbook
Full stops, commas, semi colons, apostrophes… Whatever aspect of punctuation your child is grappling with, we’ve come up with a bumper pack of 60 activities to help them practise, as well as a parent's refresher guide to each punctuation mark and how it's used.
Phonics games learning pack cover
Your child will do lots of phonics learning at school – so why not use games to help them put their new skills into practice at home? Our Phonics games learning pack, created by a KS1 teacher (and parent), offers ten games and activities to choose from. Everything you need to start playing, from instructions to game boards and a sound die, is included in your download – print off your bingo counters, sharpen your pencils and have some fun!
Pirate Pete and the Scurvy Scuttler data handling puzzle pack
Pirate Pete needs your help (and maths skills!) get get his ship back! Are you ready to hunt for treasure? Designed to help children practise common KS2 data handling skills, our statistics learning pack is bursting with Venn diagrams, pie charts, pictograms and line graphs to interpret and construct. All aboard the pirate ship!
Primary geometry: shape and space learning pack
Do you know your hexagons from your heptagons, your pentagonal pyramids from your octagonal prisms? From 2D shapes to angles and symmetry our seventy-page Primary Geometry: shape and space learning pack covers all aspects of the national curriculum (Shape and Space) and will ensure your child can use a protractor, translate a shape and look for a mirror line. Challenge them to a game of 3D shape dominoes, make a right-angle measurer and get started!
Reading comprehension pack (KS2): The Stolen Book of Spells cover
Reading comprehension doesn't have to be dull! The Stolen Book of Spells offers KS2 students an engaging story, challenging questions and a riddle to solve – they'll be so immersed in the narrative they won't even realise they're working on their literacy. Answers are provided so you can mark your child's work and help them improve their ability to comprehend, decode and interpret what they read.
Resources and support for dyslexia pack
What is dyslexia? Who does it affect and what are the key signs a child might be dyslexic? The Resources and support for dyslexia pack offers a complete overview, from how dyslexia is diagnosed to at-home support strategies, expert tips to encourage a love of reading and links to further resources and advice.
My Starting School Scrapbook
If your child is starting school in Reception, what can you do to help them make the best possible start? Find out how to lay the foundations for a great transition with our Reception starters learning pack – it's bursting with activities that focus on early English, maths and science skills, as well as supporting your child's physical and social development.
Summer brain-boosting challenges learning pack
Juggle fruit. Work on the technology of the future. Plot and design a lost city, create a zoo of invented animals, learn to talk sdrawkcab and bake a pizza clock and a pastry map. How many of our wonderful brain-boosting challenges can you fit into your summer? All you need are some art materials, imagination and an enquiring mind to have a go at a whole host of practical and reflective activities, suitable for primary-school children (and parents, of course). Have fun!
Summer Learning pack cover
A long, lazy summer holiday is one of the great joys of life – but within days you’ll be driven to distraction by sibling squabbles and cries of “I’m bored” (not to mention a visible emptying of your wallet). Plus, research shows that kids who don’t stay mentally alert during the summer lose up to a third of what they’ve learned during the academic year. So try one of our 59 easy, boredom-busting activities – at home, on the move and on holiday. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realise they’re learning…
Telling the time learning pack
Learning to tell the time is a process which spans the primary-school years, and children can find it overwhelmingly hard. The Telling the Time pack is a complete guide to everything you need to know to support your child and help them get to grips with this vital skill, bursting with practical suggestions, advice from experts and activity sheets for all the key stages.
Terrific times tables pack
Our Terrific Times Tables pack is full of ideas and tips to help your child learn – and even enjoy it! We share practical ideas for memorising all 12 sets, as well as tips to help make practice easy. Download your pack now to reinforce your child's learning with fun games and quizzes and print out achievement certificates to reward their effort.
Times Tables Funpack
Need some fun strategies to help your child's times tables stick? Our Times Tables Funpack offers puzzles and games galore. There are fairground ducks to hook, safe codes to decipher, dominoes to play with and more. Your child will be so busy puzzle-solving, they won't even realise they're putting their tables into practice.
Times tables practice book learning pack
Make times tables revision easy by downloading our 90-page practice book. It covers all the tables from 2 to 12 and offers quizzes, speed challenges and more to help your child master this vital area of primary maths. Practice makes perfect!
Travel Fun Pack
Keep boredom at bay with some brilliant puzzles for KS1 and KS2! Your child will need to use all their spelling and numeracy skills to solve wordsearches, crosswords, Sudoku and Wordoku – and there are a few extra challenges to keep them busy, too!
Verbal non-verbal reasoning pack cover
If your child is in the last years of primary school you might be thinking about selection tests like the Eleven Plus and how to prepare for them. To help you decide on your approach we've put together an introduction to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, with expert tips, advice and practice questions and answers for you and your child.
Word puzzles for Key Stage 1 English learning pack
Take a break from homework and spelling drills with this collection of word puzzles for Key Stage 1! Each one covers a different concept that your child will learn in English lessons, but presents it as something to solve by remembering what they've been taught in class.
Word puzzles for Key Stage 2 English learning pack
Are you and your child tired of the same old English revision and practice sessions? Try something completely new and give them these fun English word puzzles instead! They'll review everything from connectives to apostrophes, using what they learn in class to solve codes, crosswords and wordsearches.
Y1 English booster pack
Reading, writing and spelling practice for KS1 children means wordsearches, matching games, writing missing posters and more! Our Year 1 booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1. Just one worksheet a day will offer a fun revision session to help them with their handwriting, phonics and punctuation – and why not let your child organise a little party to make the 'writing for purpose' activity even more exciting?
Y2 English booster pack
Our Year 2 booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in Y2 – perfect to help your child prepare for KS1 SATs at the end of the school year or revise key concepts over the long summer break. Writing 'Missing' posters for favourite toys, devising menus, reviewing books, filling story treasure chests, teaching aliens to brush their teeth and more – this learning pack is bursting with fun activities to boost literacy.
Y3 English booster pack
Help your child's imagination soar – and then recount their adventures on paper! The Year 3 English booster pack will help them revise punctuation, persuasive text and more, but there are plenty of encounters with witches and conversations with elephants in the garden to keep them interested along the way.
Y4 English booster pack
Put Y4 literacy skills and knowledge into practice the fun way with wordsearches, mix and match activities, play scripts and more - a great way to revise over the summer holidays to prepare for the challenges of the next school year.
Y5 English booster pack
From apostrophes to spelling mnemonics, prefixes to synonyms, the Year 5 English booster pack is bursting with revision activities to help consolidate and build on your child's literacy learning. And there's plenty of cutting and sticking, word searching, thesaurus checking and script writing to be done along the way!
Y6 English booster pack
Handwriting, spelling and punctuation – that's what your child will be practising with the Year 6 English booster pack, but there's no drilling involved when there are play scripts to be written (and performed?), arguments to be composed, biographies to write and newspaper articles to type up. Your child might actually ask to put pen to paper!
Y6 SATs enrichment activities, TheSchoolRun
SATs have become synonymous with drilling and fact-based learning and children can find them boring and sometimes even demoralising to prepare for. This learning pack is a collection of enrichment activities aimed at getting children to use their imaginations and think about test management and success in a very different way.
Y6 to Y7 English transition pack
Prepare for KS3 English with our Year 6 to Year 7 literacy transition pack. Revise journalistic writing, figurative language, persuasive text and more, as well as trying your hand at some tricky reading comprehensions and completing some wordsearches. A brilliant way to boost your confidence over the summer holidays, the Y7 English transition pack will help you hit the ground running in secondary school!
Y6 to Y7 maths transition pack
Identify the rules of a number sequence, find the lowest common denominator or the highest common factor, order fractions, use data tables, investigate probability and calculate area – all vital maths skills as your child moves into secondary school maths. Revise and practise key methods and concepts with our Year 6 to Year 7 maths transition pack and boost their confidence in the run-up to KS3.
Year 1 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 1 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 1 maths booster pack
Maths revision – the fun way! Our Year 1 maths booster pack covers all the main maths topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1 to help them practise their skills. Use the colourful worksheets to boost your child's confidence with number bonds, telling the time, simple addition and subtraction and first story problems, or try some of the suggested extension activities to consolidate what they've learnt at school.
Year 1 Maths Challenge Pack
Challenging activities and puzzles for Year 1 mathematicians, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 2 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 2 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 2 maths booster pack
Whether you're revising for KS1 SATs or keeping your child's maths learning on track over the summer holidays, our Year 2 maths booster pack covers all the main numeracy topics for Y2. Help them practise their skills with colourful worksheets - a daily session with pirates, sandcastles and wizards will consolidate multiplication, addition, rounding up, estimation and partitioning the fun way.
Year 2 Maths Challenge Pack
Challenging activities and puzzles for children in Year 2, designed to stretch young mathematicians and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 3 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 3 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 3 maths booster pack
Keep your child's numeracy learning on track with the Year 3 maths booster pack. Partitioning practice, timed challenges and problem-solving – there's a different activity to help practise everything they've learnt in school in the first year of KS2 and help them relate maths to everyday life.
Year 3 Maths Challenge Pack
Offer your Year 3 mathematician some greater-depth puzzles and activities to help them explore and investigate different aspects of the Y3 maths curriculum (the fun way!).
Year 4 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 4 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 4 maths booster pack
From number sequences and rounding to subtracting with the partitioning or column methods, the Year 4 maths booster pack will help your child consolidate key mathematical skills and knowledge in a quick daily practice session - and offer some fun revision problems and activities to try.
Year 4 Maths Challenge Pack
Encourage your child to try some Y4 maths puzzles and challenges and explore the Year 4 curriculum in greater depth. The result? Greater confidence and plenty of mathematical fun!
Year 5 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 5 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 5 maths booster pack
Rounding speed challenges, zoo subtraction problems, spotting square numbers and a little bit of pizza maths... it's all included in the Year 5 maths booster pack, designed to help your child practise and revise the key KS2 maths skills they've learned at school.
Year 5 Maths Challenge Pack
Get your child's maths brain fired up with puzzles, challenges and activities for Year 5 mathematicians.
Year 6 English Challenge Pack
Challenging reading comprehensions and activities for Year 6 readers and writers, designed to stretch your child and offer them the opportunity to explore their year-group topics in greater depth.
Year 6 maths booster pack
Make numbers part of everyday life with the Year 6 maths booster pack. One worksheet a day offers practice and revision, and the varied activities (spotting mystery shapes, solving puzzles and surveying family and friends to find out what the most popular Olympic sport is) will keep kids' brains active and engaged.
Year 6 Maths Challenge Pack
Do Year 6 maths the fun way with puzzles, challenges and activities designed to stretch upper KS2 mathematicians and help them explore the Y6 maths curriculum at greater depth.
Your guide to KS1 SATs success pack
A beginner's guide to the Year 2 tests, the KS1 SATs success pack explains everything you need to know about how your child will be tested, teacher assessment, SATs scores, how the results are used and why you don't need to worry! You'll also find 26 activities to help support your child's learning at home with games and fun, so get your SATs preparation started today.
Your guide to KS2 SATs success pack
SATs tests in Year 6 can be a daunting prospect for teachers, parents and children. Give your child a head start with SATs preparation and boost their confidence about the exams with our guide, packed with tips, tricks and practical suggestions.