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Home education maths

Child doing maths pic by Annie Spratt

Teaching your child maths at home can be a challenge, particularly if you're not too confident about the subject yourself, but we've got plenty of resources and support to help make the process much easier. 

Explore our articles, worksheets and packs to find creative ways to engage in maths and build a solid foundation for successfully home educating your child. 


Best numeracy home schooling resources
Best numeracy home education resources
Boost your child's confidence with all aspects of maths with our pick of the best home education numeracy resources: games, hands-on activities, video explanations, online lessons and downloadable workbooks, all available to access for free.
Maths card games for primary-school children
10 ways playing cards helps children with maths
Fancy a quick game of cards? Studies show cognitive benefits to play and card games teach children new strategies for using mathematical information, categorising patterns, sequencing and sorting. Last but not least, this is numeracy practice the whole family will enjoy (though things might get a bit competitive... beware!). Kate Yelland asked maths teachers and experts why sitting down with a pack of cards and a primary-school child is definitely playing your cards right.
Primary-school numeracy glossary
Primary numeracy glossary for parents
From area to word problems, TheSchoolRun's primary-school numeracy glossary offers a complete guide to all the maths concepts children are taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Brush up on your own mathematical skills, clear up homework confusion and understand exactly what your child is learning at school by reading our basic definitions (with links to more detailed explanations, teachers' tips and examples).
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Maths booster packs

Support your child's maths learning with fantastic Maths Booster packs following primary-school year groups. Packed with colourful worksheets and games, each booster pack covers the main numeracy topics and will help your child revise the core areas of learning they should have mastered, whilst having great fun too!

Learning Journey

Maths Learning Journey programme

Why not check out our unique maths Learning Journey programme? Every week, the Learning Journey gives you suggestions for two maths worksheets that, over the course of the year, will help your child review and master all the core areas of learning in the National Curriculum… in just a few short home-education lessons each week. As well as a maths Learning Journey, there is also a Times Tables Learning Journey, Fractions Learning Journey and Maths Progress Checks.

Home education planning pack

Get your home education journey off to a confident start: find out how to set up your own curriculum, how to write an educational philosophy, how to measure progress and evidence learning, how to keep a learning journal and how to use an academic diary in TheSchoolRun's Home education planning pack (available to subscribers only).

Templates and examples of documents are provided, as well as lots of information and tips from an experienced UK home educator.


daily resource programme

Daily learning programme

Are you looking for daily inspiration to encourage your child’s love of learning? Do you want to develop their knowledge and skills with a structured programme of activities?

Introducing TheSchoolRun’s daily learning programme, suitable for parents of children aged 3-11 (equivalent to school years Nursery to Year 6).

Sign up for the programme and each weekday we’ll send you a bite-size email with easy-to-use ideas and resources to support your child's learning at home.

The programme runs for 6 months and is perfect for parents who have taken their children out of school for a period, those who are setting out on the home education journey or just parents who want daily activities to boost their child’s learning.

Targeted by age/school year, the programme includes a range of activities such as:

- English, maths or science worksheets to download and print.

- Interactive maths tutorials – our digital teacher will explain the method, show you examples and then give you a chance to practise what you've learned.

- Topic-themed learning packs and workbooks to explore.

- Fun activities and games you can do at home to keep your child busy.

Sign up for a FREE trial today!