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Year 3 maths


Want to support your Year 3 child in maths lessons this year?

Discover hundreds of targeted Year 3 maths worksheets on all areas of the Y3 maths curriculum, including counting, partitioning and calculating, shape and space, times tables, number facts, measuring, data handling and much more.

With our worksheets at hand, you’ll be able to consolidate learning at home and help with tricky maths homework.


Right angle drawn in exercise book
Year 3 maths: what your child learns
Want to know what your child will be learning in maths lessons this year? Read on to discover the Year 3 maths curriculum.
Times tables
Times tables: 10 things every parent needs to know
If you're a KS2 parent, chances are you'll spend more time than you ever thought possible looking for ways to help your child learn their times tables. Here are the ten things you should know before you get started.
Inverse operations: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
What are inverse operations?
Inverse operations are opposite operations – one reverses the effect of the other. In primary maths we talk about the inverse to explain how addition and subtraction are linked and how multiplication and division are linked. Teacher Alice Hart offers examples of how and when your child will be asked to use the inverse operation in school, and practical ways to help them understand the concept.


Find a third of a set of objects using division tutorial
Find a third of a set of objects using division tutorial
Our digital teacher is going to show you a really easy way to find a third of a set of objects using division – then you have a go to check you've got the hang of it!
Recognising parallel and perpendicular lines tutorial
Recognising parallel and perpendicular lines tutorial
Do you know the difference between a parallel and perpendicular line? Let our digital teacher show you, then see if you've got it!
Learning division facts for the eight times table tutorial
Learning division facts for the eight times table tutorial
Our interactive teacher will show you an easy way to learn your 8 times table division facts – then, when you're feeling confident, see if you can answer the questions she asks.


Sharing method for division worksheet
Sharing method for division
When we divide amounts we are sharing them into equal groups. Can you divide these numbers by sharing them into groups? Use counters or draw dots in the circles provided to help you.
Y3 problem-solving: addition worksheet
Y3 problem-solving: addition
Use this teacher-created worksheet to help your Year 3 child practise their problem-solving skills with addition. Can you solve these tricky word problems using your addition skills?
Weight word problems worksheet
Weight word problems
Can you work out these weight word problems? Remember that there are 1000 grams in a kilogram...
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Year 3 Maths Progress checks

Get a sense of your child's progress in maths, and the areas they might need extra practice in, with our Year 3 Maths Progress checks. Three tests, each tailored to one of the school terms, are included, as well as answers to help you mark your child's work and identify any tricky topics.

Year 3 maths booster

Year 3 Maths Booster pack

Keep your child's numeracy learning on track with the Year 3 Maths Booster pack. Partitioning practice, timed challenges and problem-solving – there's a different activity to help practise everything they've learnt in school in the first year of KS2 and help them relate maths to everyday life.

Y3 maths LJ

Year 3 Maths Learning Journey programme

Over the course of the school year, the Year 3 Maths Learning Journey will cover all the key topics in the curriculum. By following the programme of two worksheets a week, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

TYC multiplication

Teach your child multiplication

Help support your child's maths learning at home with a practical, targeted eBook. Multiplication topics covered include times tables, arrays, multiplication as repeated addition, worded problems, the grid method, partitioning, the long multiplication method and multiplying decimal numbers. As well as parents' notes on the theory your multiplication eBook contains lots of practical activities and games to help your child practise what they're learning at home.