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Autistic spectrum

SEN child writing

If you have a child on the autistic spectrum, you are going to want to give them the right help and support, at school and home, so they can achieve their full potential.

In this section of the site you’ll find information, advice and tips to help you understand Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's, plus how to deal with diagnosis, engaging activities for autistic children and how make sense of the SEN Code of Practice.


Happy, smiling children
10 things you need to know about Autistic Spectrum Disorders in children
Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are often difficult to understand and diagnose. We take a look some of the key things to know about them and how they could affect your child.
Andrew and Jane - ASD
'The school worked with him to strengthen his motor and social skills'
Jane Burbridge from Folkestone describes her experience of the SEN and school system with her son Andrew, 7, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and shares her tips for other parents.
Child writing in school
Coping strategies to help autistic children
Schools can be complicated places for children, teachers and parents. Autism practitioner Gina Davies explains that there will invariably be challenges when autistic children start and attend school, but strategies that enable parents and teachers to work in partnership can be very successful.