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Year 2 Science

Plant shoot growing

Help your child develop the core scientific skills of observation and investigation with our Year 2 science worksheets. We have lots of activities that will encourage them to ask questions about the world around them, gather evidence, carry out experiments and record results.

Covering the core areas of the science curriculum – life and living things, investigative skills, materials and their properties and physical processes – you’ll be able to reinforce the theory with some practical, hands-on experimentation.

Plus, for a complete course in Year 2 science, check out our fantastic Year 2 Science Learning Journey programme.


Little girl with sunflower
Year 2 science: what your child learns
Your child will be learning about everything from animals to electricity in Year 2 science. Read on for the full overview of what they’ll be taught in school.
Anatomy for kids
Learning about the body in primary school
At primary school children learn about the senses, the human skeleton, teeth and their function, the digestive system, puberty, the circulatory system and more. Find out what they'll be discussing in the classroom when and how you can support their learning at home.
Fish food chain
What are food chains and food webs?
A food chain is a diagram that shows us how animals are linked by what they eat; in food webs we represent the links between animals who eat or are eaten by more than one kind of animal. We explain how children learn about food chains in the primary-school classroom in our guide for parents.


Ice cube investigation activity
Ice cube investigation
An investigation comparing the difference between an ice cube melting in air and an ice cube melting in water.
Understanding lifecycles worksheet
Understanding life cycles
A worksheet designed to prompt children to think about the life cycles of plants and animals.
Physical processes: electricity worksheet
Physical processes: electricity
A worksheet to encourage children to think about all the household items they know of that use electricity.
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Experiments and science fun for KS1 & KS2

Beans, gingerbread men, ice, washing-up bottles and cocoa powder – that's all you need to demonstrate key KS1 and KS2 science concepts to your child at the kitchen table. Packed with simple experiments, fun games (Muffled Chinese Whispers, anyone?) and parent-friendly science explanations, our Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2 learning pack is all you need to make primary science come to life for your child.

Year 2 Science Learning Journey

Discover a complete learning programme that covers all the core science skills that your child must master by the end of Year 2. This comprehensive programme enables you to cover every topic in the curriculum with just one 10-minute worksheet every week at home.

Get started on the Year 2 Science Learning Journey and by doing just a few minutes of fun work each week with your child at home, you will inspire their learning, fire up their hunger for knowledge… and ensure they’re not only on top of their lessons but brimming over with facts and actively contributing to classes.