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Reception Year

Reception child writing

Get your child's educational journey off to a great start, with information and resources for the whole of reception year.

Support your child's reception year learning

From phonics to numbers and counting and handwriting, you'll find hundreds of Reception maths worksheets, Reception English worksheets and Reception science worksheets, covering all the key areas of Reception learning, in this section. Each resource has been created by a Reception teacher to make learning a fun and engaging experience for you and your child.

You can ensure learning stays on track with a step-by-step Reception English programme, Reception maths programme and Reception science programme.

Tackling a tricky reception maths topic like shapes, number lines or ordering numbers? Explore our interactive Reception maths tutorials.

Our reception resources are designed to spark creativity and curiosity and will foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime. 


Mum hugging little girl goodbye at school bus
How your Reception child develops
Starting school is a big leap for your child, so how will they grow during their first academic year?
reception child drawing a picture
What your child learns in Reception year
Understand what your child is learning in their first year of school, and find out how you can help them do their best.
6 key areas for Reception home learning
6 key areas for supporting your Reception child's learning
Primary teacher and parent Jennifer Smith shares six key areas and skills to work on at home with your Reception child, supporting what they're learning at school.


Using the correct shape for a task tutorial
Using the correct shape for a task tutorial
Do you know the names of your shapes? Let our digital teacher help practise putting each shape in the right place.
Finding one more than a number up to ten tutorial
Finding one more than a number up to ten tutorial
Can you find one more than a number up to 10? Have a go at this interactive tutorial to test your skills!
Subtracting numbers using a number line tutorial
Subtracting numbers using a number line tutorial
Need some help subtracting numbers up to 10? Let our digital teacher show you how to subtract using a number line tutorial – it's easy when you know how!


Full Circle: reading CVC words
Full Circle: reading CVC words (Phase 3 phonics)
This is a learning-to-read game sometimes used in schools. Cut out all the CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words and hold them in a pile. Sit in front of your child and show them one of the words (for example, man). Then show them some of the other words; when you show them a word they’ve already seen (like man) again they shout ‘Full Circle’! The Full Circle exercise will help encourage your child to read the CVC words at a glance. They are looking at the letters in the words and the shape of the words – this is what learning to read is largely about!
Blending sounds to read
Blending sounds to read (Phase 3 phonics)
Cut out the pointy hand and use it to press each sound in the word. Once you’ve said each sound can you say all the sounds together to make the whole word?
Spot the missing numbers worksheet
Spot the missing numbers
Can you spot the missing number on the hedgehog, the balloon, the beach ball and the car? What about on the star?
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Reception learning journey

Reception English Learning Journey and Reception Maths Learning Journey

Make sure your child grasps all the core learning skills for Reception with our unique Reception Learning Journey programmes for English and Maths. Either work through the worksheets in the programme in order or you can pick worksheets that match topics your child is currently covering at school. If you are a subscriber, we'll also send you an email every Wednesday with recommendations for two worksheets to complete that week (one English, one maths), plus there are a further 24 fun worksheets that we'll send you during the school holidays! Also, check out the Learning Journey Progress Checks to see if your child's learning is on track.


Nursery and Reception Activity eBook

The Nursery and Reception Activity eBook is a beautifully illustrated guide linked to early learning goals for children in Nursery and Reception. With fun and familiar themes divided into six activities per section, this eBook puts the fun into learning from the word go. Each activity is short to keep your child engaged, and so you can limit your time investment to just as long as you have. And when it comes to fun activities such as becoming a dinosaur hunter, making collages or creating a textured farmyard picture, all the things you will need are items that you probably already have at home.

With easy-to-follow instructions, a clear description of the areas of learning and development along with age groups for attainment, your child will love learning while they play. Plus, complementing the activities are templates for writing postcards, mini board games, cut outs, activity sheets and many more hands-on things to do, discuss and explore.

Phonics games
Phonics games

Your child will do lots of phonics learning at school – so why not use games to help them put their new skills into practice at home? Our Phonics games learning pack, created by a KS1 teacher (and parent), offers ten games and activities to choose from. Everything you need to start playing, from instructions to game boards and a sound die, is included in your download – print off your bingo counters, sharpen your pencils and have some fun!

Visit the Homework Gnome for lots of history, geography and science topic sheets

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