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Help with primary-school geography homework

As well as being a compulsory national curriculum subject, Geography is a really important and exciting area of learning and your child will cover a variety of different topics throughout primary school. There is a new national curriculum for geography being introduced in September 2014.

From studying the local area to learning about other places in the world and comparing the lives of people who live there, as well as examining different natural habitats, your child will be encouraged to do their own research and use a variety of different resources.

At some stage, you'll need to support your child with their geography homework, perhaps helping them research a topic, create a poster or presentation, look at maps together or even visit areas of local interest or museums.

Whatever topic your child is learning about, Homework Gnome is a great place to start! You'll find pages on many of the geography topics commonly taught in primary school, all covered in an age-appropriate style, with information, images and videos suitable for primary school children*.

To get started, just look through the list below to find the geography topic your child is studying at school now.


Human habitats Rainforest habitats Polar habitats
Find out about the different types of places that humans live, the features that all human habitats share and how they adapt their habitat to the local environment Discover the secrets of the rainforests, what trees, plants and animals live there, and why they are so important to the planet. How cold does it really get in polar regions? How do animals survive there? And why is global warming such a danger?
Marine habitats Grassland habitats Forest and woodland habitats
They cover 70% of the earth's surface and are teaming with plants and creatures... find out what's going on under the water. There's more than just grass to discover in grassland habitats. Read about the different types of grassland habitats and what animals call them home. Learn about the difference between coniferous and deciduous forests and the creatures that live amongst the trees.
Desert habitats Coastal habitats Food and farmland
They have lots of sand and not much water.. but there is a lot more to deserts than meets the eye. Find out more... Find out about the flora and fauna of this widely diverse habitat. Learn about the types of food we need to eat to stay health and where the food we eat comes from.

The natural world

Mountains Volcanoes Rivers
Uncover fascinating facts about mountains – how they form, the different types of mountains and what it's like to live on a mountain. Discover how a volcano is created, what they are made of and what happens when they erupt! Find out where rivers come from, why they curve and bend and why some rivers flood.
Islands and continents Earthquakes Water and the water cycle
Do you know how islands and continents are formed? Can you name the different types of island? How many islands and continents are there? Read on to find out... Find out what causes earthquakes and see the devastating effects. Discover why water is vital for all living things and what the water cycle is.
Weather Rocks and soil  
Read about different types of weather and climates. You'll be amazed to discover all the different types of rocks and soil – and just how old some rocks are!  


India China Brazil
Read all about the country, the people who live there, the languages they speak and the religions they follow. Pandas, chopsticks, emperors and the Great Wall... discover amazing facts about China here. Find out all about this South American country, what it's like to live there and meet some famous Brazilians.
Morocco Italy Australia
Tagines... lions... souks... deserts... and goats. Find out all about Morocco. There's more to Italy than pizza and spaghetti. Find out about the country they call 'the Boot'. Head "Down Under" on the world's largest island / smallest continent. 

The environment

Conservation and endangered species Caring for the environment Animal adaptation
What does it mean if a plant or animal is in danger of becoming extinct and how do we protect them? We only have one planet and it's important that we protect it. Find out how we can keep the Earth healthy and see how green you are. Look anywhere in the world and you'll find animals that have adapted to even the harshest environments. Discover how and why they do it.
Fair trade    
Find out what makes some trade 'fair' and other trade 'unfair' and what the Fairtrade Mark means.    

Religions and festivals


Chinese New Year    
Fascinating facts and did-you-knows about the main Chinese festival of the year.    

Primary-school geography explained

Find out more about what your child is taught in Foundation Stage geography, Key Stage 1 geography and Key Stage 2 geography.

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